Why do I tank?

7 May

Over the course of my almost 6 years of playing WoW, i’ve changed characters a lot of times. I started off with a mage as my main, in late BC, and raided on him exclusively until ToC came out in Wrath. After that I took a break from raiding for a bit, then started playing a hunter shortly after ICC dropped. I spent a little time raiding ICC on the hunter, and then found my way to the druid tank I spent the rest of Wrath, and most of Cata on as my main. When 5.0 dropped, I didn’t like the feeling of the changes to Druid tanks, so I moved to my DK, and have been tanking on him almost exclusively since (with a short stopover on a monk). The point is, i’ve spent most of my time in WoW tanking. I level tanks all the time. If it has a tank spec, I will level it as that, because damn it just seems so much fun to me. Every now and then i’ve been forced to consider if I wanted to go DPS full time or not, but when I *DO* have those thoughts with myself, I find myself giving a huge shrug, and giving a resounding “Meh”, because honestly, I just love tanking.

There’s not any one reason I can peg down as to why I enjoy tanking so much. Maybe it’s a bit of my control-freak nature (which also leads to me being a halfway decent raid leader too). No small part of it has to do with the fact that I never ever have to wait for a queue. I want to LFR? I will LFR. (But seriously, who wants to LFR though? bah). I can tell you that another big part of it is “Group quest? lol what group quest? *runs in and solos everything*”. Yes, I know that MMOs are supposed to be multiplayer games, but the thing is that when i’m levelling I tend to want to level at my own pace. I’ve no issue with grouping up, but that should (usually) be saved for dungeons or pvp or raiding or whatever. Questing is for solo. And tanks are for soloing things.

Also, there’s a very selfish part of me that likes going back and soloing old raids just so I can get mount drops and stuff without having to potentially share the rolls with anybody else. I may be a greedy person at heart, and just like running the show. Is that so wrong?

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