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You get to help me decide!

3 Aug

Blog readers! Twitters! Friends, guildies, and weirdos across the interwebs! Lend me your ears!

I need your help.

See, I think i’ve kinda decided on my DK. well… at least for now, until something comes along and makes me decide on my druid again, or makes me doubt my decision… any way I digress.

FOR NOW, i’ve decided to play my DK come Mists. But if I do that, I think I want to race change my DK. Possibly even gender change, but I haven’t decided on that for sure. So, this is where YOU come in fellow interwebbies! I have placed my DK’s current (bitchin’ killer awesome BADASS) transmog into wowhead’s model viewer and took 12 pictures, one for each alliance race and gender.

And I want you to help me decide which looks the best. (sorry ahead of time that they’re not all cropped to the same size, and it caused them to embed weirdly. I honestly have NO idea how to make it look better at this point haha)

So! With this, I give you a poll to help me decide. Vote on things and help me figure out what I should do! You won’t be the deciding factor, but you WILL weight in on my decision.

Okay, so since i’m a dumbass, i listed male & female gnome twice. Let’s take the bottom options, and make them worgen. I can’t actually edit the poll without mucking up the results, but as it stands, there’s only one gnome vote for all 4 categories. So the last two options are now

Male Worgen

Female Worgen

Sorry for the mixup folks. >.>