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The grass is always greener

4 Jul

It came to my attention recently that I am an extreme altoholic.

Startling revelation isn’t it?

See, I was playing my second shaman last night (since my first one is still on Azgalor, and i’m probably not going to pay to move him) last night and something (honestly don’t remember how it came up) kind of struck my brainpan and I wanted to play a warrior. Now, I should tell you, that I *DID* have a warrior back on Azgalor at level 85. Past tense. I deleted her for some reason… I don’t even remember at this point (probably having something to do with just never playing her).

It occurred to me last night that I like playing all the classes, not because I want to do all the things. A big part of why I do it is what I call the “grass is greener” effect. I like looking at the patch notes or something of that nature, and then I see something and think “man that (talent/ability/change) sounds so frickin COOL! Now I want to play a (anything but a rogue pretty much)!” And so, I roll one up and level him/her like a madman. Sure enough, i’ll reach whatever point has the new shiny i wanted to look at, and i’ll muck about with it for a while. I’ll probably have some giggle fits about it as well, and then eventually i’ll get the class to 85 and get bored with it because the thought of gearing up yet ANOTHER toon for raiding is nothing short of tiresome.

I have 3 toons right now that are “Destroyer’s End”‘s. I have a lot of other toons that hit 85 and just kinda sat there. Occasionally I will log onto them and try to pick them up again, but then I remember “oh right.. i have to gear them up. damn” and right back into the dustbin they go. It’s kind of a shame really, because i’ve spent so much time in them getting them to level cap, and they usually DO have some very cool abilities, but they just don’t hold my interest all that well, al things considered.

My current project, as I mentioned earlier, is a shaman. This is different than my previous shaman in that i’m levelling him purely as enhancement. This is a spec i’ve not played since early/mid wrath (back when dual wield was at 40 and elemental was NOTHING BUT shocks/lightning bolts until 70-something.) Even when I had my other shaman, i REALLY wanted to play enhancement, because I prefer melee to ranged, but I didn’t have the melee heirlooms, so I went ele/resto. I found myself really enjoying resto, and actually HEALED my way through Dragon Soul a few times.

By the way, I want to play a shadow priest when 5.0 drops, and I also want to roll a lowbie prot pally to be a designated flag runner for warsong gulch. DAMMIT WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

I blame Cynwise.