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What makes a guild work?

14 Jun

It takes all fucking types people.


I’m gonna rant a bit. If you need your NSFW warning for language or something, well here it is. Oh wait, I already cussed in the first line. Oh well.


My guild has been in existence for almost a year. Today, shit just got *real* over some of the dumbest shit imaginable. I think it’s the first time anyone’s had to lock a thread because people couldn’t play nice. Now, yes it’s good that we’ve gone this long without having to do that, it doesn’t make the let down from actually HAVING to do it any lesser. As it turns out, i’m still pretty goddamn annoyed that two grown men couldn’t step away from the keyboard for a few minutes after I said “OK, just drop it now.”


I’m not naming names, but I know one of them reads my blog. Hell, he’ll probably comment in here saying it was him, cause he’s just weird like that. That’s okay though.


But honestly folks. We’ve been raiding for 6 months straight, plus for 4 or 5 months back in Wrath, and while all the individuals may not get always get along, we’ve really not had any BIG issues that have made me question whether it’s worth the headache. Now, don’t get me wrong, i’m not quitting my guild, or retiring from raid leading or anything like that. But the fact that I had to weigh it all out in my head at all is kind of a red flag. I joined this guild because of a couple people, ultimately. BUT, i’ve stayed here for so long because I generally enjoy EVERYONE’S company. Now there’s times I want to strangle a person, but I think that comes from the fact that i’m an officer and raid leader. Or it could just be human nature that every now and again we wanna knock someone’s head against another person’s…. idk. Either way though, our guild has been pretty successful in what it was set out to do, and I feel largely responsible for that, as an officer, a raid leader, AND as a member of the guild.


Later on, one of the parties involved did apologize to the other for his part in the issue, and I was glad to see that, but even still. Last time I checked, pretty much everyone in the guild is an adult. Hell, everyone in the guild is over 21, as far as I know. We’re not a bunch of whiny little high schoolers with high school drama and all the fun little namecalling associated with it. (Except when the name calling is done in fun. Amber is a cuntcanoe, because that phrase makes me laugh, and she won’t mind me saying that about her <3)


Anyway, back to the title of today’s post… What makes a guild work? Is it everybody getting along with everybody? No… that’s not it. People have different personalities, so there will occasionally be problems. Is it everyone working towards a common goal? No, because there will be varying opinions on how to ACHIEVE those goals. Is it a ruler with an iron fist? Pfft please. Amber’s as big of a non-confrontational person as I am. What makes a guild work? I can’t answer that, because every guild is going to work differently, and I think that’s a big part of why SiB works at large. We are all a VERY different bunch of people. We don’t always get along. I can name people who flat out DISLIKE each other, but they’ve agreed to generally leave that by the wayside in order to make the guild work.


Now, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t expect everything to be fluffy bunnies all the time. Since some people don’t like each other, I fully expect that sometimes tempers might flare up and cause shit to happen. I guess I was just caught off guard with it today, and felt like sharing it with all 7 of you that read my shit.