Achloryn’s name is really Chris. 30 years old, and living in Tennessee, i’ve been a gamer since before it was cool to be a gamer. I have been playing WoW since 2008, late in Burning Crusade. After bouncing around for a few years across different servers, I found my home on Rexxar (US), Alliance side with the guild *Stands In Bad*. Since joining that guild, i’ve become the raid leader, and main tank for this semi-progressive, softcore raiding, fuzzy guild full of muffins and insanity. Currently, my main is a druid tank, but I also play a death knight tank, and several other things over the course of whatever. ALTS! Anyway, this blog is full of all kinds of insanity, and a lot of babbling nonsense, basically just whatever crosses my mind. Also, ALTAHOLISM IS FUN. Hope you enjoy your stay in the rubber room.

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