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Soloing Things Part Deuce

15 Aug

The other day, I wrote a post about soloing old raid content, and covered pretty much all of the raids that were in Burning Crusade. Today, i’m going to move up to Wrath’s raids, and show you what i’ve been able to solo, and give a few tips on doing them as well. Keep in mind, I have done all of this on my two well-geared tanks, unless otherwise noted.

Naxxramas – A couple bosses in here are problematic to solo. Gluth has a ridiculously high DPS requirement, Razuvious requires lots of good RNG avoidance streaks, and Thaddius… well you can’t get to him until you kill Gluth, as far as I know. But even if you could, killing both of his guardians before the tesla coil revives them would be a pain, at best. But lets look at the other bosses.

Without a doubt the plague quarter is the EASIEST to solo. Noth the Plaguebringer hits like a wet napkin, he’s just time consuming because of the blasted “teleporting away” mechanic. Unless your DPS is obscenely high, expect to get 2 teleport phases before you kill him.

Heigan the Unclean is another one who hits like a wet noodle. Keep him up on the platform until he begins channelling, and then do the dance. It’s brutally simple, and you won’t even die right off if you accidently overshoot.

Loathieb, I initially expected to be an issue because of the healing aura, but really he isn’t. Plus, you get a HUGE crit buff from killing the spores, so just take one out every now and again, and you’ll drop him quicker than you think. (It’s especially funny to solo this guy on the druid and have over 100% crit chance. LOL BIG NUMBERS FOREVER).

Spider Wing is second easiest, but Anub’rekhan *can* be an issue if you’re not careful. He knocks you up into the air, and while it’s not a LOT, you *do* take some fall damage, and it can add up over time. The big problem comes with when he does his locust swarm and you’re completely unable to act. Druids can shift into cat form and outpace the locust swarm pretty easily, but if you don’t have any sort of movement speed increasing abilities, you’re going to be pacified at least for a FEW seconds (DKs can stave it off some with AMS). It’ll hurt a bit, but it’s completely recoverable. The crypt guards should die as quickly as possible, because their stacking poison dot can be pretty painful if you let it go unchecked.

Grand Widow Faerlina is as simple as the entire plague wing. Don’t feel like you need to save the adds for dispelling enrages, because even enraged, she doesn’t hit particularly hard against our large health pool. You might have to move out of the rain of fire, you might not. Just watch your own health and do what you feel is necessary.

Maexxna is also quite simple. The poison dot she puts on you is really quite tame, and the spiderling adds she summons are barely noticeable. Take them out with cleave damage (spread diseases, thunderclapped rends, etc) and just keep hacking away at the big lady. She web-wraps you on occasion, but never sticks you to the wall since you’re solo, so it’s pretty tank-and-spank.

Construct wing i’ve already briefly touched on (with Gluth and Thaddius being ridiculously hard to solo), but to go into more detail, Patchwork *can* be difficult, depending on your gear. I had issues with him on my DK at first, but she was significantly lower geared than my Druid… and I was also *really* rusty at rune-gaming. I still have to be more careful about how I approach him on my DK, but on my druid it’s pretty much a lolercise at this point. When he enrages (sub 10% i think?) be prepared to use some of your cooldowns if you feel you need to. Patchwerk want to play.

Grobbulus, on the other hand, is a simpleton. Move him back out of clouds (there’s no mutating injection if you go solo, so he just farts clouds behind him) and cleave damage the slimes that occasionally spawn, and he’s dead pretty quickly.

Military quarter can be an issue. Instructor Razuvious is a pain in the ass. Unbalancing Strike will still hit you for about 30-40k, and he does it roughly every 10 seconds or so. You need to be EXTREMELY lucky and have large streaks of dodge/parry to be able to survive it. If you’re a druid, you can stealth past him and head to Gothik (which I did. I was unable to take him down on my DK)

The Harvester calls, and he’s most likely calling on one of those fisher price telephones. The first 3 minutes or so, prepare to be bored to tears. Seriously. The only thing remotely exciting to happen during the add phase is when the dead side all rushes over at once… and even then it’s not very exciting. When Gothik comes down for himself, just go apeshit on him. He doesn’t hit hard, and his only “redeeming” quality as a boss at this point is his stacking debuff, reducing all your stats by 10%. I think I only got 3-4 stacks by the time I killed him. He’s a joke.

Four Horsemen wrap up the military wing. Initially, I wouldn’t have imagined this encounter to be soloable, but it definitely is… and it’s not terribly hard (but hard in comparison to most of the other naxx bosses). When you aggro the bosses, you want to start at the front of the room, starting off with Zeliek, burning him as quickly as possible before Korth’azz reaches you. Kill Zeliek first, then drag Baron and Korth’azz back to Bleameaux (back right-hand side) and use your big DPS cooldowns to kill the men first. Finish Bleameaux off last, avoiding the void zones on the ground, and you’re golden.

Moving on to upper-Naxxramas, Sapphiron is time consuming, but not terrible. Circle strafe to stay out of his blizzard, and outdamage his drain-life. It’s pretty simple really. There will be several air phases, but they’re not to worry about since you’re the only one around to get ice blocked. Long fight simply because Saph has a good bit of health, and heals a little bit of it, but still mostly tank-and-spank.

Kel’thuzad can be a bit more tricky. Generally, I stay in the middle during the first phase, and let the mobs come to me. Skeletons are easy to deal with of course, and the aboms barely hit you at all. The banshees can be pretty obnoxious though. I’ve found that you can generally run in and get one good hit on them before they send you flying, so make it a hit that counts. I also like to drop a D&D in front and outbreak them (on my DK) after they’ve moved ahead of the pack. That’s a significant bit of damage and makes dealing with them a LOT easier, but you’ll still have a few left when KT finally attacks. They’re your first priority. Don’t worry, KT doesn’t ice block you when soloing, but you do still need to worry about the purple void zones that spawn… they’ll take somewhere around half your health if you’re not careful. Once all the banshees are down, KT is easy. Avoid the void zones, interrupt frostbolts as you can, and chip away. When the guardians come out and attack you, they tend to block your view of the ground, so be sure you’re watching carefully for the purple beams.

Vault of Archavon – Fire and Ice, i’ve never actually managed to kill. I’ve come *so* close to killing Koralon (fire) on my DK, that I know it CAN be done, I just haven’t managed it yet. I haven’t attempted on my druid yet, but I think I can manage it on him better because of the increased DPS (ETA – no i can’t). Toravon , i’m not even going to try at 85 because his ice damage just ramps up too fast.

Emalon the Storm Watcher is pretty simple. The lightning novas are very little to worry about, and the chain lightning will hurt some, but nothing you can’t overcome with regular tanky-heals. When he overcharges the add, you still want to bring him down fast, because it will do a good bit of damage, but it’s not an insta-gibb like it used to be. Pretty easy fight to overcome, all things considered.

Archavon the Stone Watcher is as simple as it gets. Tank and spank. Avoid the earth shards (if you want), dps him down. The only thing i’ve noticed… you’ll probably want to stay away from the edges of the room. I’ve had him accidently throw me into one of the stone pillars, and i got stuck there for just a second. He started to reset and gained about half of his health back, so it was probably a one in a million fluke, but still something to be on the lookout for.

Ulduar – This was fun… and started completely on for a laugh, out of boredom. I honestly didn’t think I would get past the first boss, but I did.

Flame Leviathan was actually easier than I expected. It helps that your machines’ power and health scales with your gear. I took a siege engine and just steamrolled my way to the room where FL is, but didn’t engage the two giants in front of his gate. Sit there and wait for everything to start gathering upon you and just clear it out, healing as you need to (60s cooldown on the heal is definitely doable). Also, take out the two towers right in front of the boss’s room. Now then… kill the trash in front of Flame Levi’s wall, and at this point you’ll have to engage FL on your demo and let him kill you. Just… trust me on this. Now then. Run back in and take the teleporter right there, and hop in a demo. The key is all in hitting the right buttons, and stacking your pyrite so it lasts as long as possible. It’s a race, in every sense of the word. Do NOT spam pyrite barrels. Throw one pyrite barrel, and then two boulders, one pyrite barrel, two boulders. That’s all. When he gets close to you, switch one of the boulders for one ram. So, Pyrite, Ram, Boulder. He should die right around the same time as your vehicle does, which leaves YOU still alive to loot him and move on.

Ignis the Furnace Master isn’t terribly difficult, but the damage will steadily ramp up as your fight lasts longer and longer. The idea is to stand right in the edge of the water, so when he casts his scorch, you can run out of it and it’ll despawn after just a few seconds, letting you run right back in. He continually summons guardians to join at his side, but they have nearly as much health as he does, so don’t even worry about them. Focus all your damage on Ignis, and he’ll eventually drop.

Razorscale is a pain in the ass fight. You’re going to take a lot of damage through the air phases because of the targeted fireball casts. The little adds barely hit for anything, and they have next to nothing for health, so just take them down with cleave damage when you harpoon her to the ground. Deal as much damage as possible when she’s harpooned, because you want as few air phases as you can get. Once she’s down on the ground, she really doesn’t hit that hard. Keep slowly kiting her around the room and moving her out of the fire. Eventually your armor will get fused together and you’ll be unable to act. If you’re EXTREMELY unlucky, this will happen right before she breathes fire on the ground at you… hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does… blow your cooldowns and heal up as fast as you can, as soon as you’re able. It takes a little time, but you’ll be able to bring her down. Definitely one of the more difficult fights to solo. I couldn’t quite manage it on my druid, but i got REALLY close. The self-healing the DK gives really makes a difference in this fight.

XT is pretty easy. Kill the trash on each heap and then run to the middle to fight XT. Keeping him on the stairs is what my raids have always done, so that’s what I did when soloing him. He will put Light Bombs on you, but there will not be any Gravity Bombs, so no extra damage for you to worry about. When his heart spawns, unleash as much damage as you can WITHOUT killing the heart (which brings him back to full health). He will eat an occasional repair bot, but you should be able to outpace the healing with your damage relatively easily. I think I got 3 heart phases on my DK when I killed him. Definitely a lot easier than the first 3.

Kologarn is extremely simple. He will not grip you with his right hand if you’re soloing, so focus all your damage on the body (AND DON’T CHARGE HIM FOR THE LOVE OF GOD). Strafe back and forth to avoid eyebeams, and he will drop like a stone (heh. get it?) soon enough.

Auriaya isn’t terribly difficult, but make sure you dont’ make the same mistake I did and engage her while you’re still fighting the stone guardians.. >.> You can’t handle damage of that magnitude. Either way, the crazy cat lady is simple enough. Take out her guardians as soon as possible (because they’ll put the REAL hurting on you), and then focus on beating her down quickly. Try to stay somewhere safe that you don’t get feared too far away from the boss. I had way less trouble with her on my DK thank my Druid. Again, self-healing makes a big difference here. I never had to kill the respawning defender on the DK, but I had to on my druid. The shadow barrage can be pretty painful (she starts casting it when she fears you), but if you can hit her before the cast goes off you save yourself a good chunk of damage (20-30% per tick maybe?)

Hodir was the only one of the keepers I gave attempt to, and I was unsuccessful in killing him. The fight wasn’t terribly difficult as long as you keep moving as much as you can to keep the stacking dot from getting too high, and stand on the piles of ice to keep from getting flash frozen. My issue came with my damage output. Sadly, I didn’t have the numbers to beat him down before his enrage timer expired, and he smashed me into a blue stain upon his floor. Still, quite a bit of fun to try, as I may go in again at some point and try to get more DPS out of myself (and avoid more flash freezes >.>) (ETA) I went in with my druid and gave him 3 honest shots. Freeing the person on the far right is a huge help, as she will cast Hand of Freedom on you when you get frost nova’d in place. I still didn’t quite have the DPS for this (my best attempt was just sub 1-million), but it’s one of those “OH MY GOD I’LL GET YOU YET” moments

I tried Iron Council only on my druid, but not the DK. I’m not sure I have it in me to solo them either. The fusion punch from Steelbreaker just hits too hard, and druid’s dont have enough self healing to come back from it. I’ll have to give it a shot on my DK though to see how that turns out.

I’m not sure I could’ve managed Thorim (because of the whole arena bit), and killing Mimiron would’ve been… interesting, to say the least, so this brought an end go my Ulduar run. It really was a *lot* of fun, and I feel like i’m a better tank as a whole because of doing what I needed to do to survive, without simply thinking “Oh the healers will get me”… It’s all about pressing your buttons at the right time, and making every last cooldown matter.

Expect to see some videos of these encounters on my youtube sometime over the next couple weeks.

Toot Toot – Tugboat!

25 Aug

After a somewhat disappointing (and EXCEEDINGLY frustrating) couple of weeks, with 1 raid night out of 4 occuring, we finally got back on track last night with a full roster of our own people, and some fresh nerfs to giggle fiercely at.

Toot Toot motherfucker

Yep.. We killed Rhyolith. Did it in 5 pulls, too. We took 4 pulls, with some obvious progress (and 2 weeks worth of rust), got a little annoyed and decided “Meh, let’s go kill Baleroc and come back to this douche later.” So, we did that. 20 or 30 minutes later, we’re back up on Rhyolith’s platform with ~10 minutes left in the raid. I figure we’ll give it one or two tries, and call it a night, satisfied with having shaken off the rust from inactivity. (BTW – we wipe on trash at the lulziest of times).

The first Rhyo pull after killing Baleroc, was pull number 5… And that was it for the giant fatass of a flame lord. Seriously, that slowfaced piece of flaming turd can just go away. And I got a new helm for my troubles… I also hit revered with the Avengers of Hyjal and picked up a sexy-ass trinket too, bringing my tanky ilvl up to 374.

Now, i’m not generally one to put TOO much stock in gearscore or item level or any of that nonsense, but I feel like it’s more important now than it was in Wrath (which is ironic, because Wrath is when the whole gearscore business took off). Item level feels like it’s much more of a throttle now than it ever has been before. I remember seeing people at the end of LK in ICC 25m gear, doing absolutely horrific DPS, whereas my t9 equivalent…. whatever I was playing at the moment would absolutely blister them on the charts. Now, it doesn’t seem like it works that way. Gear will hold back your DPS, affect your survivability, and throttle your healing capacity significantly. You will literally FEEL it change as you move up the ilvl charts. Don’t believe me? Think back to december or january when you first started running heroics, and then go run one now. Sure, things are always going to be much easier as the xpac moves along, but for my money this one is scaling much quicker than any of it did in Wrath.

Wow, it’s funny how your brain will carry you when you let it. I totally didn’t mean to sidebar about gearscore, but there it is. Anyway, so now SiB is 4/7 in the Firelands, with a big hairy flaming birdie looking us square in the face next. One of the downsides of there being only one raid this tier, is that after a while, there’s only one way to go. I guess I can’t complain too much though. Being able to pick from any of 5 bosses at the start of a 7-encounter raid is pretty good as far as i’m concerned.

Anyway, random rampaging ruminations aside (as well as auspicious alliteration!), Stands In Bad is still recruiting. I haven’t been having much luck with the conventional methods of recruiting (official forums, in-game guild finder, etc), so come check us out!

Side note: my “I” key has not been very happy with it’s lot in life lately, and it feels like I need to pay more attention to it, in order for it to work properly. It’s amazing how often you use a verb when typing, and how much can GO FUCKING WRONG when it’s not working right.

The Firelands Shuffle

2 Jul

I didn’t actually MEAN to go a full week without posting, but for some reason it just sort of happened. I blame the patch… anyway.


So… the Firelands huh? What’s THAT all about? I’ll give a few thoughts on it.


We went in for the first time, as a guild, the day after the patch dropped (so, Wed the 29th, for those of you playing at home) and had an absolute blast. We played with the trash, we got some people their friendly cloaks, we played with the trash some more, and hey we even got a few attempts on the first boss we planned on, Shannox. Didn’t kill him the first night, but by the time we cleared enough trash for him to come down and start patroling, it was like.. half our raid time was over. On top of that, there was a nasty 2 hour trash respawn timer. Luckily Blizz had fixed that the next day (extending the timer to 4 hours). But still… MAN is there a shit ton of trash to clear before Shannox will start coming down to look for you. The next day when we went back in, even without having to explain the trash to everyone it still took almost an hour to clear enough trash for that fool to come at us. It took us another several tries of working out minor details (and people learning to not stand on traps so much), but eventually we DID end up killing the fucker. So now, SiB is 1/7 in the firelands. \o/


Shannox isn’t an overly complicated fight, but it does require quite a bit of precision from everybody. Also, the untauntableness can be pretty damn annoying when there’s not a trap near enough to the Riplimb tank for him to drop the damn dog in. I got up to 13 or 14 stacks, and the Riplimb tank got 18 stacks of that stupidass debuff before we cleared it off once… Ah well, such is life. We still got the kill (ugly as it was), and there’s a video for it on my youtube channel.


So, next week we’re going in to fight Alysrazor. I’ve been scanning wowprogress, and I came across an amusing thing. Among guilds on my server, the only guilds that have killed Alysrazor are the ones who have got at least 4 boss kills. (And one of the two guilds at 4/7 even skipped her, which I didn’t realize you could do). So… my guild is different. Or we’re just difficult. Hell, truth be told, probably a bit of both. One thing I do find kind of funny though… I think Blizz underestimated just how quickly some guilds would blow through 7/7 normal mode. Now granted, these people are all insane, but one guild even decided to get a jump on the system and faction transfer, resetting their raid ID, and start working on the heroic modes. Blizzard promptly said “Ha ha, NO” and promptly locked out all heroic modes until next week’s reset. Now, I am not calling “Stars” cheaters, but I think what they did is cheap as hell. I also think that if Blizz didn’t profit off of their “ingenuity”, they’d probably have that kill stricken from the records and recieve a 72 hour ban. Hell, Ensidia (i think?) had their world first LK kill removed, and were banned for 72 hours because some people were using Saronite Bombs in their rotation, and the siege damage caused the platform to rebuild, effectively neutralizing a MAJOR mechanic of that fight. And THAT was a bug on Blizzard’s part. It wasn’t even someone intentionally trying to game the system like the people at Stars were… so make of that what you will.


I also want to take a brief moment to complain about some of the crafting stuff…. again. There are patterns for craftable items that drop in the raid. These craftable items are ilvl 378, just like other raid drops. There are also craftable items that you have to purchase from the Molten Front vendors, after many days worth of dailies. These crafteables are ilvl 365… LOWER than what drops in the Firelands. What is the point in this? To use an example, we’ll go with the Witch-Hunter’s Harvester. Not a bad little agility polearm, that my druid would LOVE to have, but it won’t even be available for AT LEAST another week or so. By then, there’s moderate chance that my guild may fish up a Ranseur of Hatred, which is a BoE zone drop, and an even BETTER than the blacksmithed item. BLIZZARD! Y U NO MAEK SENCE!


19 Jun

So, this week, our guild went ahead and decided that we had had enough of Nefarian.

Oh, did I mention that this was just our 2nd night of attempts…. EVER? Yeah… Last boss of the expansion, and we basically get him down in 5 hours worth of work, and about 1/4 of the wipes we put on Al’akir or Cho’gall (if not less?). Man… We kick *ass*.

Honestly though, idk what it was, but it didn’t seem like he was nearly as hard as some of the other bosses. The thing about Nef… There’s a lot less actually going on, but the things that ARE going on have to be done with absolute precision, otherwise it’s a wipe. Now that can be a  head full of stress on any raider (let alone the raid leader), but sometimes thems the breaks. You really see who’s awful at interrupts. You’ll find out if your off tank will notice the lightning in time to turn. You’ll see if your healers can really deal with every getting ~100k damage every 30 seconds. You’ll figure out who knows how to JUMP ON A GODDAMN PILLAR FROM THE WATER (lol). Mechanically, I think Nef is probably the most unforgiving fight in the tier. But overall, it REALLY isn’t that hard. Or maybe my raiders were just REALLY on fire to get him down before the nerf happens next week…

Oh wait… That’s not happening either. But I didn’t feel like telling my raiders that the patch HAD been pushed back another week, just in case that WAS what was happening. Insert trollface here? Maybe a little bit, but i’ll be goddamned if it didn’t work.

I would type out a tanking strategy for Nef, but honestly there’s not much to tanking this fight other than “PRAY THAT YOUR HEALERS LOVE YOU”. Positioning Ony/Nef on opposite sides of the room isn’t even slightly difficult, and those 5 seconds or so while you’re moving Nef, yeah he hits fast… but it’s not so bad. It seemed like I got some decent avoidance strings during that time period to counteract it every time.

Seriously though, this is a big deal for me, both as a raider, and a raid leader, as well as a big deal for the guild. This is the first time the guild has been around for an entire tier of content, and we cleared the bitch while it was still relevant and not nerfed. Hell, when we formed, ICC was already at it’s 30% buff mark, and Ruby Sanctum isn’t really a “tier of content”… it’s 3 mini-bosses, and one major boss. Don’t get me wrong, I really LIKED the Halion fight, but it hardly counts in that respect, but anyway. It’s hard for me to not develop a bit of an ego over this. Most of my raiders have told me that they’ve never cleared a tier of content before it was nerfed, or before the next tier was released either, so that makes me pretty damn proud.

Anyway, have a killshot. Someone stabbed Nef in the eye with one of our banners… talk about adding insult to injury.