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Anybody out there? (Out there? (Out there?))

18 Apr

/peeks in

/coughs at the dust

Wow. Okay, so see, I didn’t *intentionally* mean to leave this blog hanging for four months guys. Honestly I didn’t. I just kind of ran out of things to write about, but I didn’t want to fully close the blog… I figured I would come back to it sometime and pick up the writing again, and I think that today might be “sometime” finally. I may try to revitalize this website and redesign it sometime in the near future, but for now I’m just going to try and get back in the habit of kicking out a post every week or so. I hope enough of you guys are still around to appreciate what i’ve got to say.

First off – Tier 14. It was a little disappointing to me, not because the fights were bad or anything like that, but because of how we performed, and I feel directly responsible for that as raid leader. My guild really struggled with Heart of Fear. We had some pretty heavy attrition issues, and a lot of things were just… problematic. I think the biggest issue came in the fact that there are some fights where you’re penalized for your latency and twitch gameplay more than you are for understanding the mechanics of the fight. Let me tell you, i’ve done Blade Lord Ta’yak a thousand times, but I *still* get picked up by a tornado that I was nowhere fucking near sometimes, all because latency makes me look like i’m in a different place than I really am. The weird thing about it is? Once we got past Blade Lord Ta’yak, we really didn’t struggle *TOO* much with the fights. At least, not more than I feel like we should have. Garalon took us a couple weeks, but we brought him down straightaway after 5.2 launched. Wind Lord Mel’jarak we actually managed to kill un-nerfed even if it WAS post-nerf (because that first week they had bugged out the debuff on Ta’yak and Mel’jarak). Amber Shaper took a couple weeks of work (but I don’t feel like it would have taken much longer without the debuff), and Empress was roughly the same. So, on March 28th, we finally cleared Heart of Fear.

After all the trouble we had in Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring barely felt like a raid at all. We walked in, 1-shot Protectors, 2-shot Tsulong, 3-shot Lei Shi and had 2 pulls on Sha before our raid week was up (after clearing Heart of Fear again that week). The next week (April 11th) we cleared HoF in like 90 minutes wednesday. Owned Protectors, Tsulong and Lei Shi, and even went on to kill Jin’rokh in Throne of Thunder (something we had been doing for weeks anyway). This gave us a full 3 hours to work on Sha on thursday. So of course, we 1-shot Sha as well. And thus ended Tier 14, for all intents and purposes, for Stands In Bad.

I feel like we’re rebounding pretty well into Throne of Thunder, in spite of our rather late start and catchup time while they tuned down 10m normals. From what I hear, pretty much the only people that were progressing past Horridon in 10s were people that already had heroic gear from t14, so I think they needed to be brought down. Speaking of, we managed to kill Horridon last week, and made some pretty solid progress on Council of Elders as well. I think that, for the most part, we could be back on track with t15 pretty soon.

I guess that’s all I have for now. I planned on talking about Death Knights some more, but maybe in a future post. I don’t feel the need to overload you guys so much on my first post in 4 months. For those of you who’ve kept me on your feeds and kept checking in from time to time, I thank you greatly. It’s been really nice seeing the discussions brought about by my blog in the past, and I think I am in a bit of a better place to be able to bring that back.


29 Sep

I’ve been meaning to blog the last few days, I swear I have, but PANDAS have kept me genuinely *beyond* busy. Also they’ve kept me far more entertained than I ever remember being in WoW since I first started almost 4 1/2 years ago… or okay, maybe back in Wrath… Wrath was a damn fine expansion too. But I digress.

Pandaria is fucking *fun* okay? (Kialesse and I have begun just referring to everything in-game as “Pandas” with each other. It’s probably a bit nauseating to anybody who might be watching, but they shouldn’t be peeking in my window and eavesdropping on our conversations anyway.)

I also want to take a minute to thank each and every one of you. Seriously. By the end of today (29 September), my blog will have crossed the 20,000 views mark. It absolutely blows my mind how much things have picked up around here lately, and I seriously couldn’t do it without all of you.

I actually don’t have a whole lot to say for this post, but I wanted to put something up for my experiences. Initially, I was going to do a big pictorial on my quest from 85-90, but I had to uninstall wow a few days ago, and like an absolute IMBECILE… I didn’t save my screenshots folder. 2 years worth of screenshots just gone. I was very very sad upon this realization. BUT, since then I have managed to take a few more screenshots, so I guess I can go with that.

Oh. And for the record, Blood DKs? Enjoy it while you can. You are going to get nerfed to shit at some point, because yeah… Our OP damage at 85 carried over just fine into level 90. When we killed Galleon (see the screenshot below), I was 3rd on DPS with 57k. Tanking. A single target fight. Yup, we’re going to get nerfed.


Ding 90!This guy has the most eyeball-destroyingly bad outfit EVER. He's like Fabulor's cousin!The Sha of Anger. I was just absolutely struck by how IMMENSE this guy was. He looks like a real world boss shouldGalleon, the OTHER world boss... being killed by me and a few other people. Thanks to Jasyla at cannotbetamed.com for putting the group together!

Soloing Things – Cataclysm Edition!

3 Sep

Pre-expansion boredom has continued to creep my general direction, so i’ve spent some time doing things I haven’t usually cared about. I did some archaeology and fishing on my druid (WEIRD right?). I found myself grasping for more THINGS to do to occupy my in-game time. I had dropped skinning on my DK in favor of mining, because a crit bonus for a tank is pretty useless, by and large, but a stam bonus isn’t terrible. Then it occurs to me that I will have *two* stam bonuses come MoP (actually, I do NOW too, but that’s neither here nor there honestly) from mining and scribe-only shoulder enchants. So, I was pondering dropping inscription for… something else. This is when it occurred to me that I never got my Therazane rep high enough to buy the enchants, because well… I was a scribe damnit, what do I need THOSE things for?  A quick check of the reputation pane showed me at honored. “Ugh, not even revered? I’ll have to fix that before tuesday.” So, I went and dug (and dusted off) my Therazane tabard, and had a thought… “Why not try soloing some of the level 85 normal mode dungeons?”

First stop was Grim Batol. The *real* boss here is the trash. Holy crapski does that stuff hit hard. On the plus side, you can wipe out a good portion of it with dragons AND… since you’re solo, you can ride more than one! (I only did one drake because I wanted to weaken it, but not kill it, because I don’t get rep for what the drake kills). A couple moderately painful trash pulls later, and i’m staring at General Umbriss. Umbriss was a piece of cake really. Good gear, and rolling blood to bring the troggs down fast, (plus LOTS of Crimson Scourge procs) avoid the Blitz charges and Ground Slams, and he’s dead before you know it.

Shambled my way towards the next boss, and the trash leading up to him *kicked my ass*. “Huh… I remember those guys hitting hard… this might take a bit of work.” After a brisk corpse-run, and jog back to where Throngus was pathing, I pulled the trash much more carefully. They still kicked my ass, but I lived through it. (Nicely timed interrupts, AMS, AMZ, the whole 9 guys. These packs are no joke) After healing back up, I waited for him to path back towards me, and pulled him. His first weapon-draw was Mace… For the hell of it I wanted to see if I could survive those hits. I *probably* could’ve, but it was just easier to kite him and death strike a couple times on the run-by, making sure I avoid cave-ins. After the mace was his shield. Simple enough to run around, and the arrows don’t hurt very badly either (i ended the shield phase at ~50% health, and could heal up quickly afterwords). Main thing to remember is to make sure he’s not near a cave-in area when he weapon-switches… Nothing worse than having to try and edge around perma-ground-AOE in order to attack him. Dual swords was the easiest by far. The debuff was laughable, and I’m not entirely sure he ever penetrated my blood shield with them. Another mace & shield phase, and he dropped like a rock. Then one more pack of those god-forsaken casters with the Ettin chained up. I learned from my earlier mistake, though, and killed them without TOO much pain.

I honestly didn’t think I would be able to solo Dragha at all. I fully expected that the fire elementals would blister me beyond healing, but honestly it wasn’t terrible. Well timed Anti-Magic Shells (about every other elemental), and simply saving a couple death strikes for AFTER the explosions you can’t AMS through made it not terrible. When Dragha gets on Valiona, the damage goes up a bit, but not terribly so. Make sure you don’t stand in the shit on the ground, and you should generally be fine. This is all about timing and self-heals. Also, Valiona didn’t do her giant breath attack… not sure if that’s a bug or intentional, but I was grateful either way.

After Dragha, the trash is painful. The empowered elementals can really mess you up if you’re not paying attention. There was actually one point where I dropped down to 42 HEALTH. Not 4200, not 42000, but 42. Period. Anyway, Careful pulls lead me to Erudax, which turned out to be a much easier fight than I expected. Chains of Ice the solo add that comes out after Shadow Gale, and make sure you’re standing in the safe spot when it happens.  Congrats, you just soloed Grim Batol. Don’t you feel special? Pat yourself on the back (I sure as hell did).

After Grim Batol, I went to Lost City of the Tol’Vir. (I should note that I didn’t *mean* for talking about GB to end up so long, but there it is anyway. LC will be much shorter, because I said it will). The trash in Lost City is nothing to write home about. Pretty tank and spank, kill casters first, watch out for the pygmy firebreathers, yadda yadda yadda. The first boss, General Husam is also surprisingly straightforward. Don’t stand in the bad shit, and… well, don’t stand in the bad shit. Shocker.

Lockmaw is also a lot easier than I expected. The poison dot that he puts on you is easily healed through via death strike, and the baby alligators are blown up pretty simply with a couple well timed blood boils to keep diseases rolling on them. Enjoy your croc-skin boots, and move on, there’s nothing to see here.

High Prophet Barim is easy, but a rather long fight. The first phase is basic “don’t stand in bad shit”, and the damage taken is pretty low overall. The second phase (shadow phase?) is what makes this fight long. Killing the spirit is relatively easy, but you have to constantly move him around the floor the entire time. Since you’re SOLOING this place, you’re the only person that’ll get soul fragmented, so letting them catch up to you and go kaboom can probably wear you out pretty well, just keep moving. Backwards walking is enough, since the fragments move slowly and don’t move for several seconds after they first spawn.

Once you’ve killed Barim, hop up to face Siamat… I should warn you now, this fight is *hard*. Luckily, DKs are uniquely suited to handling this fight. Even still, expect to take lots of damage, and almost die a couple times. Pull the boss, kill the adds. Use your AMS liberally(since you can’t interrupt the damn adds), and burn the adds down as quickly as possible. Rune tap as much as you can, cause your health will fluctuate lots. When Siamat himself becomes damageable, go all out. Ignore the others. Siamat, himself, doesn’t hit for very much physically, but he continues spawning adds that will lightning bolt you throughout. At this point it’s pretty much a race to the finish. Heal yourself as much as possible, use your cooldowns (don’t forget about Empower Runic Weapon! That’s as much a survivability CD as it is a DPS one. 4 death strikes under vampiric blood can account for LOTS of health). If you’re good, use your CDs properly, and maybe a bit lucky, Siamat will fall before you. This fight is honestly about cooldown usage above anything else.

The grass is always greener

4 Jul

It came to my attention recently that I am an extreme altoholic.

Startling revelation isn’t it?

See, I was playing my second shaman last night (since my first one is still on Azgalor, and i’m probably not going to pay to move him) last night and something (honestly don’t remember how it came up) kind of struck my brainpan and I wanted to play a warrior. Now, I should tell you, that I *DID* have a warrior back on Azgalor at level 85. Past tense. I deleted her for some reason… I don’t even remember at this point (probably having something to do with just never playing her).

It occurred to me last night that I like playing all the classes, not because I want to do all the things. A big part of why I do it is what I call the “grass is greener” effect. I like looking at the patch notes or something of that nature, and then I see something and think “man that (talent/ability/change) sounds so frickin COOL! Now I want to play a (anything but a rogue pretty much)!” And so, I roll one up and level him/her like a madman. Sure enough, i’ll reach whatever point has the new shiny i wanted to look at, and i’ll muck about with it for a while. I’ll probably have some giggle fits about it as well, and then eventually i’ll get the class to 85 and get bored with it because the thought of gearing up yet ANOTHER toon for raiding is nothing short of tiresome.

I have 3 toons right now that are “Destroyer’s End”‘s. I have a lot of other toons that hit 85 and just kinda sat there. Occasionally I will log onto them and try to pick them up again, but then I remember “oh right.. i have to gear them up. damn” and right back into the dustbin they go. It’s kind of a shame really, because i’ve spent so much time in them getting them to level cap, and they usually DO have some very cool abilities, but they just don’t hold my interest all that well, al things considered.

My current project, as I mentioned earlier, is a shaman. This is different than my previous shaman in that i’m levelling him purely as enhancement. This is a spec i’ve not played since early/mid wrath (back when dual wield was at 40 and elemental was NOTHING BUT shocks/lightning bolts until 70-something.) Even when I had my other shaman, i REALLY wanted to play enhancement, because I prefer melee to ranged, but I didn’t have the melee heirlooms, so I went ele/resto. I found myself really enjoying resto, and actually HEALED my way through Dragon Soul a few times.

By the way, I want to play a shadow priest when 5.0 drops, and I also want to roll a lowbie prot pally to be a designated flag runner for warsong gulch. DAMMIT WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

I blame Cynwise.


I’m not dead, i swear!

5 Jun

There are certain points in time where it gets more and more difficult to find things to write about on this blog. The period of time JUST before an expansion can definitely be one of them. I find myself in an awkward place where I want to find out a lot of things on the beta, but I also don’t want to spoil TOO much for myself for when Mists is released. I have come to a compromise in that respect. I have been playing nothing but Diablo 3 for the last 3 weeks instead in order to keep myself from seeing ALL THE THINGS in the MoP beta. >.>

No really. Haven’t even logged in to WoW, live or beta version since May 15. Is that bad? Maybe so, but it’s left me with little to talk about on here. I know i’ve thrown the occasional Diablo 3 post on this forum before, but those were mainly introductory-types for, what i’m sure, is a LOT of people who received the game via Annual Pass, but were overly unfamiliar with the franchise. This is MAINLY a World of Warcraft blog… I mean hell, look at the title right? Don’t worry, I have NO intention of shutting the doors to this blog any time soon.

Anyway, in spite of my basically taking the second half of May off this blog saw record-breaking traffic for the entire month! That’s awesome guys, and I really appreciate all the views and links and stuff i’ve seen 😀 I have another post in mind coming over the next few weeks, to wrap-up the expansion, much like I did at the end of Wrath. I also have some thoughts to work out in my own head about some of the new PvP announcements made only today. They’re relevant, because i’m on a PvP server! D:

Right. This is a light post today, but I just wanted to put the word out there that i’m not dead, retiring, closing the blog’s doors, or anything like that. I just took some time to do a *lot* of demon killing (and if you’re interested, I have two toons in Act 2 of Hell right now. Hell may be about as far as I make it, but we’ll just have to see). I plan on commencing a semi-irregular posting schedule again in the near future.

Will the REAL Fuzzbutt, please stand up?

10 May

If you’ve been following me on twitter or my blog for a while, you may’ve noticed that I am somewhat impulsive. I tend to make rash decisions based on very little, empirical data… mostly relying on hearsay or VERY minor anecdotal evidence. I’ve spent a lot of talking about monks lately, and a tiny bit of time talking about DKs, but i’ve not spent a lot of time talking about druid-type things, because well… I wasn’t overly impressed with where they were taking the class for MoP previously. Since playing the monk so much, I figured it would be good to have a basis for comparison when it comes to tanking, so I dusted off my copied-over druid and shoved him into a few dungeons.

Keep in mind, first off, that this druid is considerably better geared than my monk is… he is at a 398 ilvl whereas premade toons start with a 378 ilvl, so that’s a relatively significant difference. Even with that in mind, holy shit on a cracker, what a difference there is in how the two tank. Right now, the monk’s rotation is panicky and spastic, and requires on a 100% uptime of one ability to even THINK about surviving (shuffle via BoK). When I took my druid into Temple of the Jade Serpent, it was like slipping on an old glove again. Bears on the beta feel smooth, and powerful and…

Wait, what the fuck is this? Lacerate is on a cooldown? Pulverize is gone? Swipe is (situationally) back in our single-target rotation? Wat the hell?

And what are these two new buttons i have? (Well.. actually only one is a new button, but Frenzied Regen has taken a SIGNIFICANT redesign from what it currently is on live.) Holy shit does that say 45% dodge? HOLY SHIT DID THAT JUST HEAL ME FOR 80K? /drool.

As you may have guessed, i’m starting to feel comfortable with the druid again (as it were). I may have been pretty rash in my earlier write-off of the class for Mists. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not writing off monks either, but right now they have a lot of work to do, and maybe I would do better sticking to what I know and simply adjusting… I mean it is kind of the druid way really. Take what we’re given, and make it work awesome.

So, let me take a brief minute and discuss what’s going on with bears in the beta.

Glyphs are in a decently fun place. There’s lots of actual CHOICE involved here, instead of “OH MY GOD YOU MUST TAKE THESE OTHERWISE YOU’RE BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD”

Except of course the Glyph of Rebirth. Seriously… I don’t care what role you are, you *have* to have this glyph. My other major glyphs are Maul (an old standby, and probably one that most bears WILL take), and Survival Instincts. SI glyph provides an interesting form of choice here. Reduce the cooldown & reduce the duration via glyph? It’s worth testing, at the very least. Of course, there are plenty of other glyphs that are worth considering. I won’t go into each and every one, but feel free to check out the list and decide for yourself what may work for you.

Talents, at the moment, are a bit less ambiguous for bears, in my opinion. The level 90 talents have been under EXTREME amounts of discussion, dissection, and dissertation on the beta forums, and there is probably an entire blog post I could devote to just those talents… but I will leave those discussions to people far more eloquent and well-versed in theorycrafting than myself. With the exception of the level 60 talents, the ones that I picked are pretty much no-brainers for bears. I picked “Incarnation” because it’s basically a second berserk, without the added gigglefits of hitting 3 targets, but that’s neither here nor there. Force of Nature is pretty amusing… it’s basically a bear’s “Army of the Dead”. Drop treants, watch them run around taunting everything in combat, profit. Soul of the Forest is a hard talent to skip over, but it’s also hard for me to give it a place right now, as well, simply because mangle giving me rage in GENERAL is bloody fantastic… I haven’t felt myself overly starved for rage when in any 5-mans, so I don’t predict raids to be much different.

OH MY GOD WE'RE ALL GONNA DIENow, I fully expect this is going to change in the future, but hitting Incarnation and then having Kiril proc (making me DOUBLY HUGE) is worthy of mass amounts of giggling. I had to screenshot it while it was still a thing.

NO HE'S NOT OVERCOMPENSATING THANK YOU VERY MUCHIn other news, i’m considering making my druid back into a night elf. You may remember that I race changed him the very day that Cataclysm dropped, and i’ve been modestly happy with that decision. (Oh darkflight, you made Atramedes *POSSIBLE*) But as i’ve gone on through Cataclysm, i’ve noticed that capes and helmets all look like absolute shit on worgen. Night elves, on the other hand, look 84 kinds of awesome with both of them on. If I were to go out with no transmogged gear (except for the weapon, because Kiril is an ugly son of a polearm), this is what I would look like, on the left over here. Damn… that’s kinda hawt. Maybe i’ll race change him back to his original elven self.

Never thought I would see the day

27 Feb

So I have started a new project for my down times, and if you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably heard me discussing it some.

Be afraid...

Meet Skulrazz, a level 24 goblin rogue (although, at the time of that screenshot he was probably about level 6).

Scary, isn’t he? I have to admit, i’ve dabbled on horde side here and there. I even levelled a belf pally all the way up to 80 back in Wrath (a few months before I got back into the raiding game), and then proceeded to server/faction transfer (and sex change) him (now her). I didn’t, however, pick horde for this toon completely arbitrarily as I have done in the past. See, a few days ago there had been a lot of buzz about low level twinks, and a friend of mine, Icedragon, has spent large amounts of time in gigglefits over the level 20-24 twink bracket. This is mostly because everybody who does wow’s F2P accounts ends up locked at level 20, and when they queue for battlegrounds, they get thrown into the experience-locked bracket. So, anybody with a paid account, and a mind to do so, can level a character up to 24 and willingly lock themselves into that same bracket, with a modest 4 level advantage. 4 levels, at that point, grants a modicum of health, 2 talent points, and at *least* one extra abilities over everyone else. Also, it grants you access to some better gear that is common for twinking. After spending some time arguing with myself about the benefits of twinking, I created Skulrazz, the goblin rogue. Together, myself and Icedragon’s hunter Sternum, combined with the miracle of Real ID battlegrounds and Twitter Mumble, have cut a swath of devastation across the alliance twinks… and had quite a few laughs (read: gigglefits) in the process.

Sometime in the near future, you can probably expect to see fraps’d videos, or possibly even livestreams of this happening in real time. To be sure, it’ll be *epically hilarious*. Once we get a livestream going, or any recorded videos posted, I will be sure to link them in here.

In other news, my guild has successfully put Deathwing to bed something like 4 times in a row now, and it’s starting to feel like Blizzard just kind of phoned in this raid. I don’t mean in a sense of difficulty (although I do feel it was a bit lacking in that department too… at least as far as the normal modes go, but that’s a COMPLETELY different topic.), but as far as the story goes. I am going to quote Derevka, from Tales of a Priest, who captured my sentiment on “caring about killing Deathwing” much better than I ever could:

I will admit, I entered this final tier not caring who Deathwing was. Yeah, he made Stormwind’s front gates crumble, and the structures between the Mage Quarter and the Docks are in cinders… but I didn’t care. I only chased him down at the launch of 4.0 to get my Achievement Points for being killed by him– Guild chat being spammed by “Deathwing is in Hyjal! Get to the zone if you need the Achievement!”. (Ironically, this was unnecessary as you got the achievement if you died to him during one of his encounters in DS). Blizzard, in my eyes, really fell short at making us feel engaged with Deathwing early on in 4.0. They should have made us want to kill him. Want to right the wrongs. Want to reset the balance with the other Dragon Aspects…

And when I was trying to remember just WHO said that, I was discussing it on twitter, and Rades at Orcish Army Knife put it far more succinctly as well. “Yeah, Cata DW was nothing more than a Godzilla. No personality, motivation, or empathy.”

And that’s what I felt. I didn’t feel any drive or determination to kill Deathwing other than just another raid boss to kill for lewts. Call my a cynic, but there it is. After having killed him 3 or 4 times in normal, I can safely say that I feel no differently. Now, in contrast, Derevka *did* go on to say how actually being IN the Dragon Soul raid had helped change his mind, in that the NPCs (Thrall and the dragon aspects) conveyed a sense of urgency quite well, and to a point I agree. However, I feel this sense of urgency should have been building from 4.1 onward. I felt far more drive to kill Cho’gall in Bastion of Twilight than I ever have to kill Deathwing… Personally, I think Cho’gall could have made a *fantastic* end boss as well, because there certainly seemed to be a lot more early development from him (as well as the pre-shattering events pointed towards him a lot more).

It really matters little what my opinion is, in the grand scheme of things, so I won’t spend any more time spouting my hot air about the topic. In the end, I will continue to play WoW because they DO have some amazing storylines, and where one falls short, another one is hiding in the background waiting to take your breath away. Sometimes that is just the way of things.