Soloing things!

12 Aug

Those of you who are curious… No, I *still* haven’t decided whether i’m going to Druid or DK for Mists. And as such, I haven’t decided whether i’m going to race change my DK or not. These things are important okay? Seriously folks, i’ve tried the “pros and cons” list, i’ve tried the “close your eyes and imagine the first class you’re playing sort of thing, i’ve tried pretty much everything I can think of and all I can come up with is a big fat goose egg.

In the meantime, i’ve been slowly chipping away at my Loremaster (3 zones left on the Fuzzy one!), and in between that, still soloing old raid content. Last week, I got a wild hair to try and solo Ulduar. Why? Because I was bored mostly and it was like 2am haha. I realized that there’s a LOT of good money in soloing these old raids for the time being, but it’s also a great way to put your tanking skills to the test. It helps you hone your survivability like normal raiding or even 5-mans just aren’t on par with. I realize i’ve talked about this briefly before, a couple weeks ago, but I want to get into more details on which bosses you can solo, and which ones will give you more problems than others. Keep in mind, that i’m soloing these as my tank spec, and both toons are pretty well normal Dragon Soul geared (DK is 386, Druid is 397).

Burning Crusade raids –

Karazhan – All of these bosses can be soloed, no problem. Hell you could do them in your DPS spec without issue. The Chess event takes a *lot* more thought than it would with 2-3 people, but i’ve found the most reliable way is to move the pawns in front of the King and the King-side Bishop (priest) forward one square, and take control of the bishop for most of the event. Move him and the king forward out of fire when Echo of Medivh cheats, and keep healing everyone around you as much as you can. It’s time consuming, but overall, not terribly difficult.

Magtheridon – This can be a little tricky, especially if you’re undergeared, because it’s VERY difficult to kill the channelers on your own. Mainly because when one hits around 25%, the other 4 get into the “I need to heal him” mode, and you can sometimes get lucky and catch him before they go off, but usually not. So it’s a couple minutes of stasis – attacking mobs that you really can’t kill very quickly (as a tank, mind you. As a DPS you’d have a much easier time with this I’m sure), and then Magtheridon comes to attack. Now the boss is pretty much a wimp. He doesn’t hit very hard, and you *can’t* interrupt the flame nova solo, but it’s pretty tame these days.

Gruul’s Lair – Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it past the High King fight to actually *fight* Gruul. I’m sure there’s something I am missing in that fight, but it’s rather difficult when you’re being consistently CC’ed, and one of them is constantly healing the others. I’m sure the trick is to kill the healer first, but it probably requires a good bit of luck. I’m not giving up on this one, so i’ll keep you posted.

Serpentshrine Cavern – Lady Vashj, to my knowledge, is unsoloable. I haven’t actually *tried* it, but i’m pretty sure that’s just the mechanics of it.

Hydross The Unstable had me stymied at first, but that’s mostly because I was unfamiliar with the mechanics. You simply cannot just tank and spank him, because the debuff will get too high, and you’ll take far more damage than you can overcome. Move him out of the beams at 50-100% of the debuff (depending on how comfortable you are), kill the adds when they spawn and you’ll have him down in no time.

The Lurker Below can be an absolute pain in the ass to solo, mostly because of the whole knockback. Simply put yourself right in front of the giant pillar and it’s usually not an issue, but where the BIG problem comes into play is when he submerges and spawns the adds. Chances are, you won’t be able to kill them all before he resurfaces, and the first thing he does is the giant water beam of knockbacky annoyance. Make sure you’re near the big pillar when that happens so he doesn’t send you screaming off into nowheresville to be eaten by those damnable frenzy fish.

Leotheras the Blind can be tricky. His whirlwind isn’t particularly painful, but his stacking fire debuff will hurt…  a LOT. The trick is to time your cooldowns carefully. DKs can really help with AMS to keep the buff from stacking too high, but druids just kinda have to eat it up. The trick is, don’t drop him below 500k until that debuff is COMPLETELY fallen off of you, or the last few percent will be enough to make you grind your teeth.

Fathom-Lord Karathress is pretty easy, all things considered. None of his 3 minions hit very hard, but one of them will juggle you up into the air pretty often. Kill the healer first, then kill the others in whichever order you prefer, saving Karathress for last. You’ll occasionally get frozen, but it’s not a terribly big deal. Nothing really hurts very badly on this fight, but the juggling can be kind of annoying. Just make sure you’ve cleared the room first.

Morogrim Tidewalker is also easy, but he has a big health pool, and he will occasionally cast a slowing debuff that lowers your swing-speed (thus rage generation for bears/warriors) and haste (thus rune regeneration for DKs) pretty significantly. I don’t believe this debuff can be avoided by AMS, but I could be mistaken (or my timing could’ve been off). The murlocs he summons are no big deal. When he drops below 25%, keep kiting him around the room to keep the bubbles from freezing you and just slowly chip away at him. He’ll go down soon enough.

Tempest Keep – I haven’t actually tried soloing Kael’Thas, because i simply haven’t felt like it. I know it is possible for some classes who can wield the dagger (i think?) that prevents you from getting Mind Controlled, but all things considered, it’s easier to just come at him with a group.

A’lar is *annoying*, but pretty simple. Be prepared to do lots of running around the room to catch up with this fucking bird. The second half of the fight (after she dies and is reborn), is a lot easier because you can keep her on the ground level. Simply move out of the way of where her bomb falls and keep chipping away at her. She goes down for good eventually, and you’re 250g richer (plus drops!).

Void Reaver has long since been known as the Loot Reaver, and soloing it at 85 is absolutely no different. Simple tank and spank. He silences you pretty regularly if you’re in melee range, so depending on your class, that can be problematic or completely ignorable.

High Astromancer Solarian is even *more* annoying than A’lar. Not because he’s difficult, but because every 10 seconds you get rocketed up into the air. Thankfully, you don’t take any fall damage, but it makes the fight run about 3 times longer than it should. Whenever adds spawn, kill them because they DO cast heals on Solarian, but they’re dropped pretty quickly if you can keep your feet on the ground.

I didn’t go into Sunwell Plateau, because I have it on pretty good authority that Kalecgos is impossible to solo, and Brutallus is pretty impossible to solo as well. I’d like to try Brutallus on my DK, but i’m not sure if I can get past Kalec to get there.

This post ended up a *lot* wordier than I had originally expected, so I will break this into two parts, and deal with Wrath raids in a few days. I may even put some videos up on my youtube to show exactly how I did it. Keep an eye out!

4 Responses to “Soloing things!”

  1. Chase Hasbrouck (@alarondruid) August 13, 2012 at 4:06 am #

    Heh, Chess in Karazhan. 🙂 I remember doing Kara back at 80 in Naxx gear and getting destroyed by Prince. Interesting plan with the Bishop; I always used the Queen.


    Mags- not TOO bad now; it took a lot of practice, but eventually, I perfected a method where I’d open on one channeler with DoTs slowly, then switch to another channeler and pop ‘zerk. If I timed it right, they’d all overheal the first channeler and I’d kill the second before the heal CD ended.

    HKM- still very hard. Had to do it in Cat with a damage potion; open on the healer, skull bash the heal, and trinket the fear.

    Lurker- I don’t do this often anymore because of the RNG to fish him up, but I found just sitting in the water and grinding him down was superior to risking the waterspout + waterbolt spam (which is what kills you, the fish are pretty incidental for a tank).

    Leo- In Dragon Soul gear, I can finally burn him down in cat without needing to stop and let the debuff drop. 🙂 Getting through the bolts isn’t too bad, as long as you save SI for the end.


    You really should try to solo KT. It’s not really a gearcheck, it’s very skill-based. DK’s have it a lot easier, but here’s the druid version.

    -Preclear the rest of the instance.
    -P1: Run into one of the small anterooms outside KT’s room; door will shut, enemies can get out/in, but not you. Kill Thaladred and Sanguinar here. Capernian will try to fireball you through the door; run out a bit to get her to come into the anteroom, then charge and kill her. (Try to position yourself so you get knocked back into a wall.) Kite Telonicus to VR/Sol’s room and kill him there; make sure you don’t have more than 10-15 secs on your Remote Toy debuff.
    -P2: Run back up the hall, stop at the corner, LOS all the flying weapons into a big stack, pop SI, and Swipe/Thrash them now. Grab the staff and the mace; equip/use the staff.
    -P3: When all four advisors rez, wait until you get feared once, then pop Berserk and burn down Capernian, then Thaladred, then Telonicus, then Sanguinar. It’ll take a bit since you have a terrible staff equipped. Once Cap/Telo is down, switch to regular weapon.
    -P4: Kite him to Al’ar’s room. Key here is damage mitigation; interrupt or LOS as many fire balls as you can. His Pryoblast can’t be LOS’ed, so either burn his shield and interrupt or equip/use the mace + SI to cut damage significantly. Watch for the damn Flame Strikes.
    -P5: Win! (Just don’t be stupid and stand in Flame Strike or fly high during Gravity Lapse and die to fall damage when it drops.)

    • achloryn August 13, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

      It took me a solid 10 minutes to figure out who you meant by HKM… High King Maulgar – first boss in Gruul’s lair.

      It should be worth noting that I wouldn’t have probably even ATTEMPTED doing some of these if it weren’t for things like your Shifting Perspective guide (there’s another one in the MMO-champ forums also). I tried not to plagerize anything from either of you, but i suppose the concept is similar.

      I probably *will* give KT a shot at some point, it’s just a matter of going in and DOING it. I’ve never really bothered using cat form very much. I’m okay at cat, and I can do okay burst, but I just feel a lot more comfortable in bear form, and my damage is still pretty high. I’m not a particularly good cat hahaha.

  2. Cainman August 14, 2012 at 2:13 pm #

    For High King the trick is the warlock first not the healer. Healer second. If you kill the lock you stop getting constantly deathcoiled. As soon as he is down it’s relatively easy. Will take some burst possibly as cat to get him down before you get feared too much.

    I never had a problem with Magtheridon’s adds, but I don’t remember if I killed them in cat.

    The trick with lurker is always be on the inside of the the ring for every small knock back and jump under the water for every water spout.

    Astromancer is much easier and faster if you do it in cat as well.

    Vashj is soloable for some classes/specs, but i don’t think feral is one of them. I’ve seen a video of moonkin though if you want to try it.


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