DK Glyph Madness

23 Apr

I realize I have been basically babbling on endlessly about my monk for the last couple weeks… but damn if it isn’t a lot of fun! However, this isn’t a classist blog, and I can’t imagine it ever BEING a classist blog, so I will take a look at the DK (since I can actually *play* her on the beta right now)… more importantly, I will take a look at the glyphs they’re offering in the beta right now.

First thing’s first: If you didn’t know, glyphs are being redone completely. There aren’t going to be any more glyphs that are no brainers. Also, Prime glyphs are going the way of the dodo. Everything in the glyphs, much like the way talents are turning out, is just for the sake of flavor and cool shit. And as always…. THIS IS BETA. SHIT WILL CHANGE. /ahem. Some of the glyphs are the same (right now) in the beta as they are on live, so I won’t mention every single glyph. Anyway, on with the show.


Anti-Magic Shell – Causes your AMS to absorb all incoming magical damage, up to the absorption limit.

(Absorption limit is half of your health. Without the glyph, I think it absorbs 75% of all magic damage. This may be as close to a no-brainer for glyphs as tanks get, depending on the fight.)

Dancing Rune Weapon – Increases your threat generation by 100% while DRW is active, but reduces it’s damage dealt by 25%

(Live version increases threat gen by 50%, with no damage penalty.)

Dark Simulacrum – Reduces the cooldown of Dark Sim by 30s and increases it’s duration by 4s.

(Pretty damn cool glyph… I always felt that the CD of Dark Sim made it way too wonky to be used properly. Also… the lack of spells you can copy)

Death Coil – Your death coil spell is now usable on all allies. When cast on a non-undead ally, DC shrouds them with a protective barrier that absorbs up to (x) damage.

(VERY cool little change to death coil. Situational, but still offers some nice utility)

Enduring Infection – Your diseases are undispellable, but their damage dealt is reduced by 30%.

(Could have interesting PvP ramifications)

Icy Touch – Your Icy Touch dispels one helpful magic effect from the target.

(Huh… this could be useful in pvp and on certain pve encounters too. Very interesting)

Mind Freeze – Reduces the cooldown of Mind Freeze by 2s, but raises it’s cost by 20 runic power.

(I haven’t played with DKs much, so this could come in handy for clutch interrupts, but the RP costs could prove… interesting, as it’s now RP free, baseline)

Shifting Presences – You retain 80% of your runic power when switching presences.

(I could see this having some benefit situationally. Nothing spectacular though, of course)

Minor Glyphs

Geist – Your Raise Dead spell summons a geist instead of a ghoul.

(No real benefit one way or the other, but some interesting flavor. However, the geist isn’t actually in the game yet. Just a way to differentiate yourself, I suppose. I wonder if it would look different under Dark Transformation)

Horn of Winter – When used outside of combat, your HoW causes a brief, localized snow flurry.

(flurry!) Oh look... it's snowing... /apathetic cheer




Tranquil Grip – Your death grip spell no longer taunts the target.

(Thank the sweet merciful lord, it’s about time this glyph was added. Holy hand grenade of Antioch is this obnoxious as a DPS DK)

All in all, as you can see, a lot of these glyphs are just there to give you extra choices in how to play. Do you want Mind Freeze on a lower CD at the cost of some runic power? Do you want Dancing Rune Weapon to double your threat at the cost of some extra damage? Do you want to have a geist or a ghoul as your summoned minion? It’s really all up to you. That’s the beauty of this new system. Mix up your playstyle without fucking up your damage output or survivability or whatever.

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