Holy Blogiversary.

12 Apr

So, I was having a brief discussion about tweet counts with @BigBearButt, and it dawned on me that my blog is 2 years old… sometime this month. I don’t even know how this came to be.

The last year of this blog has been an odd one for me. Between my laptop breaking and me losing interest in the game for a period of time, my post frequency has dropped a lot from what it used to be. My rekindled interest in the game, along with a couple really big plugs, and some solid posts (that i pulled out of my hat) made this blog see even more readers than it did last year. I’m perfectly alright with that as well, but if my readership didn’t increase any, i’d be okay with it too. All things considered, I write this out for myself. I like helping people out, and if someone stumbles on my blog for my thoughts on the DK talent changes, or what the latest raid boss has done to piss me off… cool! If they don’t find anything useful or worth reading here, then that’s fine too. I think that’s really the thing that salvaged this blog for me… the realization (and self-reminding) that I am writing for myself first and foremost. If I ever ended up feeling like I had nothing else to say, than I would probably fold this blog up without a second thought.

All that having been said, I want to thank each and every one of you who’ve come to visit this blog. You who have commented and had discourse, and shared your thoughts. You really do make this blog worth writing at times, and the blogging community in general is just the best, and I find myself honored to consider myself a part of it, however small a part I may be.

Also… you should all know that I just received my beta access. I plan on having a lot of videos for monk playstyle and stuff from the beta. I may even do some narration with the videos, so be sure to keep an eye on my youtube channel!


And just for the hell of it? Here… have a dancing bear. 😀


One Response to “Holy Blogiversary.”

  1. Saga April 12, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    Happy Anniversary 🙂 We must have started around the same time!

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