Never thought I would see the day

27 Feb

So I have started a new project for my down times, and if you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably heard me discussing it some.

Be afraid...

Meet Skulrazz, a level 24 goblin rogue (although, at the time of that screenshot he was probably about level 6).

Scary, isn’t he? I have to admit, i’ve dabbled on horde side here and there. I even levelled a belf pally all the way up to 80 back in Wrath (a few months before I got back into the raiding game), and then proceeded to server/faction transfer (and sex change) him (now her). I didn’t, however, pick horde for this toon completely arbitrarily as I have done in the past. See, a few days ago there had been a lot of buzz about low level twinks, and a friend of mine, Icedragon, has spent large amounts of time in gigglefits over the level 20-24 twink bracket. This is mostly because everybody who does wow’s F2P accounts ends up locked at level 20, and when they queue for battlegrounds, they get thrown into the experience-locked bracket. So, anybody with a paid account, and a mind to do so, can level a character up to 24 and willingly lock themselves into that same bracket, with a modest 4 level advantage. 4 levels, at that point, grants a modicum of health, 2 talent points, and at *least* one extra abilities over everyone else. Also, it grants you access to some better gear that is common for twinking. After spending some time arguing with myself about the benefits of twinking, I created Skulrazz, the goblin rogue. Together, myself and Icedragon’s hunter Sternum, combined with the miracle of Real ID battlegrounds and Twitter Mumble, have cut a swath of devastation across the alliance twinks… and had quite a few laughs (read: gigglefits) in the process.

Sometime in the near future, you can probably expect to see fraps’d videos, or possibly even livestreams of this happening in real time. To be sure, it’ll be *epically hilarious*. Once we get a livestream going, or any recorded videos posted, I will be sure to link them in here.

In other news, my guild has successfully put Deathwing to bed something like 4 times in a row now, and it’s starting to feel like Blizzard just kind of phoned in this raid. I don’t mean in a sense of difficulty (although I do feel it was a bit lacking in that department too… at least as far as the normal modes go, but that’s a COMPLETELY different topic.), but as far as the story goes. I am going to quote Derevka, from Tales of a Priest, who captured my sentiment on “caring about killing Deathwing” much better than I ever could:

I will admit, I entered this final tier not caring who Deathwing was. Yeah, he made Stormwind’s front gates crumble, and the structures between the Mage Quarter and the Docks are in cinders… but I didn’t care. I only chased him down at the launch of 4.0 to get my Achievement Points for being killed by him– Guild chat being spammed by “Deathwing is in Hyjal! Get to the zone if you need the Achievement!”. (Ironically, this was unnecessary as you got the achievement if you died to him during one of his encounters in DS). Blizzard, in my eyes, really fell short at making us feel engaged with Deathwing early on in 4.0. They should have made us want to kill him. Want to right the wrongs. Want to reset the balance with the other Dragon Aspects…

And when I was trying to remember just WHO said that, I was discussing it on twitter, and Rades at Orcish Army Knife put it far more succinctly as well. “Yeah, Cata DW was nothing more than a Godzilla. No personality, motivation, or empathy.”

And that’s what I felt. I didn’t feel any drive or determination to kill Deathwing other than just another raid boss to kill for lewts. Call my a cynic, but there it is. After having killed him 3 or 4 times in normal, I can safely say that I feel no differently. Now, in contrast, Derevka *did* go on to say how actually being IN the Dragon Soul raid had helped change his mind, in that the NPCs (Thrall and the dragon aspects) conveyed a sense of urgency quite well, and to a point I agree. However, I feel this sense of urgency should have been building from 4.1 onward. I felt far more drive to kill Cho’gall in Bastion of Twilight than I ever have to kill Deathwing… Personally, I think Cho’gall could have made a *fantastic* end boss as well, because there certainly seemed to be a lot more early development from him (as well as the pre-shattering events pointed towards him a lot more).

It really matters little what my opinion is, in the grand scheme of things, so I won’t spend any more time spouting my hot air about the topic. In the end, I will continue to play WoW because they DO have some amazing storylines, and where one falls short, another one is hiding in the background waiting to take your breath away. Sometimes that is just the way of things.

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