Monk vs Monk

7 Feb

So, this isn’t a Diablo 3 post. Or is it?

(no, it really isn’t)

(except in the parts where it is)

Sorry… I watched Eddie Izzard’s “Dress To Kill” last night, and i’m *still* not entirely sure if Engelbert Humperdink is alive or not, and if you catch that reference then good on you.

But no… This is not a D3 post.

Except it just might be.

…….okay i’ll stop.

I actually want to talk about the Monk class being given to us in Mists of Pandaria… but I also want to compare it to the Monk class given to us in Diablo 3. Perhaps there’s some serious corollaries there, or perhaps I am just talking out of my hat. Speculation is fun, and I don’t care if I am right or wrong. (Do you at least understand all the waffling between whether or not this is a D3 post? Good, cause I don’t either)

Now then. The monk in WoW has been relatively closely guarded, mechanic-wise thus far. What do we know about it? Well… We know they will have a tank/heal/dps spec. And……. hmm. I guess that’s about it, isn’t it? No, there are a few other things they’ve given us snippets of, but not a whole lot to work with really. However, I think we could draw some parallels between it’s cousin, the monk of Diablo 3.

Now, it is important to say that in Diablo 3 there is no such thing as “tank/dps/healer” really. If you’re in a group, you pretty much have to do all of them. You will get enemies on you, they will punch you in the face, and you will have to know how to take care of yourself. How you do that varies from class to class. Some classes have pets, some have nice utility in the form of snares and stuns and escapes, others just bring MASS AMOUNT OF FACE NUKING. They’re all equally effective, given your comfort with a given hero. Obviously, this is not the case in WoW, but I *do* think some similarities will be seen between the two.

I’m going to go ahead and link the talent calculator to you now, for easy reference.  Bam.

First off, one thing we DO know about monks in WoW is that they will have no auto-attack. They will use abilities to build up “chi” as their resource (except for the healer spec, if I remember correctly), and use that to set off other abilities. Well, monks in D3 have combo-abilities that build up their “spirit” resource, which they can then use for other abilities (everything in the “Spirit Builder” category).

Let’s look a little bit at the tanking aspect of monks. If you glance quickly through the Diablo monk’s talent calculator, you may notice some abilities such as “Mantra of Evasion”, and “Serenity” that definitely sound… tankish. You may also have noticed an ability called “Cyclone Strike”, which has a progenitor found in Death Grip, and a cousin in Gorefiend’s Grasp/Ursol’s Vortex (DK and Druid talents upcoming in MoP). Blinding Flash is a sort of minor avoidance cooldown mixed in with a warrior’s Shockwave, which could prove to be an interesting combination. “Seize the Initiative” is a passive ability that almost *screams* “TANK”. “Your armor is increased by 25% of your Dexterity (agility)”.

Looking further into the Passive skills, you can see “The Guardian’s Path” which reads an awful light like two spec bonuses (as they exist now) rolled together, doesn’t it? “When dual-wielding, you gain a 10% chance to dodge incoming attacks. While using a two-handed weapon, all Spirit (chi) generation is increased by 20%.”. “Fleet-Footed” is another passive that has found a common place in WoW, as movement speed increases are almost ubiquitous these days for both PvE and PvP. “Pacifism” (When Stunned/Feared/Charmed all damage taken is reduced by 75%) is pretty standard fare for a PvP talent, although the damage is much higher in that particular case.

Now obviously, i’m not going to go line by line, talent by talent (and DEAR LORD no, i’m not getting into all the runestone combinations, because this would be THE POST THAT DOESN’T END), but I think we could probably expect to see a fair amount of overlap between the Diablo monk and the WoW monk. I’ve got to admit though… the monk in Diablo is fun as hell to play, and it would make some of the other classes in WoW seem pretty boring by comparison. By the way… I’m not really going to make any comments on the healer aspect of monks in WoW, because I have honestly NO IDEA how that’s going to work out. Should be interesting, at the very least.

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