13 Dec

Wow… it’s been almost a month since I posted here. I promise that I didn’t intentionally neglect the blog guys! Firelands pretty much made me hate everything about life in general, so I was ready to be done with it… and then 4.3 came out and it was wonderful and marvelous, so i’ve been busy actually ENJOYING my time in game again. So that’s why I haven’t posted in a while.

Now then. 4.3 is pretty awesome. The new 5-mans are fantastic, relatively easy if you have 2 brain cells to rub together, and DON’T have metric fuckloads of trash in between each boss. I approve all of these things, and see it as a wonderful compromise between the horrendous troll dungeons, and the lulzy WotLK heroics.

Also, the new 5-mans are just gorgeous, graphically. I mean just… damn.

Now that my guild has given the final middle finger to Firelands (outside of legendary scavenging), we gave our first OFFICIAL guild run into Dragon Soul on the 7th and 8th. We had 2 groups running concurrently, and both of them ended up going 4/8 in our first week. That’s pretty damn good, for a guild that was stuck on 3/7 in Firelands for like 2 months… but anyway. (Fuck t12, seriously.)

My first impression of the Dragon Soul raid? “HOLY SHIT, I forgot how much fun raiding was.”

And then “Wow… Morchok’s dead already? Wtfux?”

I came to the conclusion that Morchok was blizzard’s way of apologizing for the existence of the Firelands. “Here, have free loot. Go on, take it, you suffered through 5 months of that shit we created for tier 12.”

I have also decided that healing is DEFINITELY not for me… but DPSing might be in MoP. You see, my guild continues to get a relatively steady flux of people checking us out, and somehow or another we’ve ended up with 6 main spec, raiding tanks. One of them has gone down to full-time DPS, but I know that one of our full-time DPS’ers wants to switch mains to his druid tank come MoP (or sooner if possible), so that leaves us with 6 tanks again, with a 7th one gearing up in the wings (he may or may not be overly interesting in raiding. I am not entirely certain).

So…  a quick breakdown of the bosses we did see, along with my initial thoughts.

Morchok – LOL. This is a boss? GIMME LEWTS!

Yor’sahj (aka Slime Boss) – A LOT easier than the strats would make it seem. A little heal intensive at times, but nothing too difficult.

Zon’ozz (aka Ping-Pong Boss) – Relatively tight enrage timer, and WHOA healing intensive. Way more difficult than the strats make it seem.

Hagara – This boss is pretty loleasy, and pretty fun, especially compared to Zon’ozz. I feel like this is a way of giving the healers a breather between heal-heavy fights.

Ultraxion – Oh man. This guy is FUN. Tight enrage timer, and healing can be a little insane in the last minute. Might take a little time for some guilds to gear up before getting this guy down.

Blackthorn – Wow. This is a lot more of a crazy fight than I had imagined. We gave it a few tries on monday night, just to take a poke at it, and we just… kinda got our asses handed to us. This will take a bit more strategery than we’d originally thought. Doing it on LFR, i’m pretty sure the group just kind of spazzed through the encounter, and they handed us loot so… whatever I suppose.

Now then. The LFR.. It has by far been one of the most controversial things of this patch, and with good reason. Some people have legitimate complaints, some people just have their egos threatened because they aren’t best of the best anymore with LFR loot being handed out like candy. Some good points have been brought out on both sides, but the simple fact of the matter is this. Blizzard set out to make the raid content accessible in an environment where the majority of max-level players could get to it and see the story and the lore and the REALLY kickass boss fights the spent all this time writing. In that goal, I think they have succeeded. It’s almost a joke to get up to the 372 ilvl requirement for LFR, and once you get there it’s a mass hysteria of trolls, people who don’t know their class, and ANYBODY able to start the encounter. It’s almost kind of ridiculous that any of these bosses get killed at all if you ask me, but there it is. There have been some bugs in the waterworks as far as gearing and drops go, but Blizz has seemed to be pretty quick to fix them.

All in all, I think 4.3 only brought good to the game, and in an expansion that has been highly touted as “bad” overall, and ridiculed, I think they may be finding their rhythm. Just in time too, because apparently there’s some pandas coming in a few months.


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