Firelands – take 2

8 Jul

Second week of Firelands raiding concluded last night. We went to face Alysrazor first, and promptly said FUCK THAT NOISE after a couple hours of wiping on her. I think we could’ve done it if we had more time, but the healing required for that fight is just unreal (also we were running with 2 pallies and a disc priest for heals… woof. bad combo for giant raid healing situation). After giving Alys the finger, we decided to go back and pound on Shannox for this week. Some heartbreaking wipes, and the raid was called for the night… I was fully convinced we’d have him down in the first hour of raid thursday, but alas it was not meant to be.

After cruising through trash much more quickly than last week (about 35 minutes before shannox came down and started waddling towards us), we continued to struggle. Several more just…. hump-catting wipes for one silly reason or another (Oh look, I have 10 stacks of Jagged Tear as the dogs are dying… FFFFFFFFFFF-). What I had figured would take us an hour or less ended up taking more than 2 hours, much to my chagrin, considering how close we had come SO MANY TIMES. But, we plowed on and picked up a few trash upgrades along the way towards Rhyolith. I hit honored and picked up my belt. Myself and the hunter BOTH picked up the Ranseur of Hatred (omnom polearm), and the hunter also picked up some bracers…. I swear… Firelands is taking “it’s all hunter loot” WAY TOO SERIOUSLY (Last week our other hunter got a crossbow and some other boe drop that escapes me at the moment).

So… On the way to Rhyolith, there is this… gauntlet… hill…. thing.. of trash. Remember in the Forge of Souls in WotLK, there’s that one cave where the rocks are falling on you, and the mobs are chasing you? Imagine that, double the mobs, and no “safe point” in the middle.. Now imagine all the mobs are actively trying to SET EVERYTHING ON FIRE. Now add to that the fact that when you reach the top of the hill THE ROCKS KEEP FUCKING FALLING…….

yeah… we wiped a few times there. But it was in the absolutely HILARIOUS fashion that only SiB could muster. So much so that someone (Pix of course) piped up the Benny Hill theme song over vent and I died for a few minutes in laughter. Running back in after the first wipe, the little firey guys weren’t respawning, thankfully, but there was 2 larger fire mobs, and one even larger armored fire mob thingy behind those two. So.. The pally tank picked up one, I picked up the other, and somehow the guy in the back decided he wanted to come play too.. Queue another wipefest because the armored guy? Yeah.. he spawns adds. Adds that split (seemingly) infinitely when they die…. Dammit. I was still in a fit of laughter from earlier so we just ran back, and decided to range pull the two smaller/bigger adds. They went down much easier, and then we pulled the big armored sumbitch. He went down without too much issue, but his little adds… well let’s just say that when I released from my corpse there were about 25 of them on the platform. I wish I had screenshotted it, but our poor priest was the last one alive, and seeing all of them turn and set him on fire at once was enough to send me over the edge once again. Cue another runback (and Benny Hill recurring in my head… or possibly playing in vent again, idk) and then all of a sudden.. oh shit, THERE’S Rhyolith. Huh..

By this time it was about 40 minutes to call time, so we figured, why not at least take a look at the fight and see what we’re getting in to. Apparently steering him is like trying to drive a fucking tugboat (so I hear from my “steerers”). Another high raid-damage fight, but my priest had switched back to holy between raid nights. We actually had a few decent attempts on him.  I couldn’t tell you what percentage we got him to, but I know at one point they had knocked 5 or 6 stacks (out of 8) of his armor debuff off. We had a little trouble controlling adds, because goddamn it’s hard to spot them with a giant ASS lumbering around the platform stomping on things and generally making visibility difficult. Also, fuck the bigger adds. They hurt like burney… ow.

So… what’s the point in all of this? Fuck Rhyolith trash. srsly. In the eyeball.

Oh… I also finally hit exalted with Netherwing for the first time ever. Such an awesome looking mount.


3 Responses to “Firelands – take 2”

  1. Pixelated Executioner July 9, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    I like to consider myself the plucky comic relief. And it was kinda the perfect time for Yakety Sax anyway…

    I think, in the future, we’re just going to have to suck it up and turn him in accordance with the directions he wants to go. The raid strats all indicate that he can be turned by one person this way, and it might be something to consider until we’ve got the fight down enough that we can shoot for the cheesement.

    • Pixelated Executioner July 9, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

      Oh, also, don’t forget that if you’re going for the 100 mounts achievement, you can buy all the other netherdrake colors in Shadowmoon Valley at the orc camp.

      • achloryn July 9, 2011 at 3:44 pm #

        I’m kinda going for the 100 mounts, but not actively chasing it… if that makes any sense. Anyway, i already got the other 5 from the orc camp though.

        As far as Rhyolith goes… yeah, i have no idea how you’d turn him in the direction he wants to go, but as long as you get what you mean…. LOL. Maybe you can explain it to me sometime.

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