Last minute pre-patch gear changes

21 Jun

I was gazing over the loot list being compiled over at MMO-champion, and while it’s still incomplete, I did notice a few things that I thought were important to point out. This is subject to being edited more, or changed, over the next week until 4.2 drops.

Another 2h Str weapon was added at some point in time since making my DK post.

Zoid’s Firelit Greatsword – Not entirely sure where this comes from, as it doesn’t show (yet) as being a boss drop. That said, it’s the one of only three str 2-handers, and one of them drops off Ragnaros. This weapon, curiously enough, comes equipped with a blue socket though. I’m not entirely sure what prompted that, as the Skullstealer Greataxe (which is the same ilvl) does NOT have a socket, but does boast 20 more strength. This is probably more DPS oriented, with crit being what it is for us tanky DKs. Stick with either the Skullstealer or Heroic Akirus if you have them.

Tank trinkets:

Moonwell Phial, predictably, got nerfed… It also got an ilvl reduction to 365 (or was it 365 before and I just didn’t notice over the eye-popping amount of stam? hmmm… anyway). As such it has 510 stam (heroic t11 trinkets have 544, t12 trinkets have 575), and a still not-unimpressive 1700 dodge rating on-use. The stipulation being that you’re required to “stay in the pool” to recieve the dodge bonus. I’m not sure how I like that mechanic, because there’s not many boss fights in t11 even that let you just friggin sit there and soak up the dodge… but anyway.

Spidersilk Spindle (formerly Gift of the Greatfather) – is otherwise exactly the same. A name change, pointing directly to which boss it will drop off of. I’m still underwhelmed by the absorption proc, but an ICD of 60 seconds IS relatively short in the grand scheme of things. If it drops, I won’t be ashamed to roll on it.

Stay of Execution – It’s a fucking rep item… Hell yes. Also, they bumped up the absorption amount… Well no, they actually bumped it DOWN from the ludicrous 171k they originally had datamined, but the fact that this is a rep item makes it something you should definitely pick up. If you’re sitting with a DMC:Earthquake (like me) this should definitely replace that. No question. Big amount of dodge, and reforge some (153 of the 383 dodge rating base) of that to mastery = omnom.

Bear Trinkets –

I found a new trinket, that apparently drops off of Ragnaros only (noted by the ilvl of 384) that you’ll find extremely interesting.

Matrix Restabilizer – If bears are going to continue valuing agility over everything else (which all signs are pointing towards: yes they will), then this trinket will be one hell of a pick up for the bear community. Also, that proc is *sexy*. Just hope that mastery is your highest of those 3 stats, otherwise the proc is wasted. Expect there to be a bit of contention amongst this between you and your rogues/enhancement shammies/hunters/kitties, because make no mistake… This trinket is *amaaaaaazing*.

Also, it looks like ALL gear Ragnaros drops is a higher ilvl than the other Firelands drops, not just the weapons. How I missed this before, i’m not quite sure. I may have made my search parameters too narrow, or there simply might not have had enough information… either way it goes, I’m going to have to do some more additions on my gear list, once the whole shebang is released. Also, somehow I managed to bypass cloaks entirely, for both druids AND DKs….  Go me?

DK Cloaks – Luckily (or maybe not?) there’s very little choice in this matter. Two cloaks, one offering Haste/Expertise (yuck), and the other offering Parry/Hit… so obviously–

Durable Flamewreath Greatcloak – The fact that this comes from Avengers of Hyjal… at friendly rep… will make this probably one of the longest lasting upgrades in the history of ever.

Bearal Cloaks – I’m not sure if one of these is entirely accurate. It is showing 2 sockets, and is the ONLY cloak to do so, but is also one of only two cloaks that actually drops from a raid boss so… make of that what you will. (For the record, the other cloak that’s a boss drop does NOT have any sockets)

Sleek Flamewrath Cloak – Being from the new AoH faction, and having hit and crit, make this a good choice to pick up early.

Dreadfire Drape – Slated to drop from Lord Rhyolith (one of the first 4 accessible bosses in Firelands) this cloak confuses the hell out of me. It may be datamined incorrectly, it may be implemented correctly, or it could just be one of those moments where programmers were drunk at the keyboard again. Either way, if you can pick this cloak up, by all means, do so Bears. Only 15 agi shy of the rep cloak, for the same item level, with two red sockets, AND a 20 agi socket bonus… I just… I dunno, this item doesn’t make any sense to me as is. Expect to see it changed, but if it doesn’t.. GRAB IT THE FUCK UP.

As of right now, there is now 384 (Ragnaros dropped) gear for ferals out there.. Sorry my shapeshifting lovelies.

DK Ragnaros drop(s) –

Pauldrons of the Roaring Flame – I’m not quite sure where this would fall into the equation of slotting over your tier pieces. I would assume this is a safe bet to grab while waiting for your tier shoulders, but let’s do a bit of comparison.

Tier shoulders – 196 str 454 stam 177 hit 282 mastery

Rag shoulders – 223 str 480 stam 320 dodge 142 hit

Even barring the base stat increase for the Ragnaros shoulders (29 str, 26 stam), if you stick with the mastery way of doing things, I still feel like the tier shoulders are the way to go. There’s only 3 pieces of tier gear that have mastery, and even if you reforged the big amount of dodge to mastery, you’d end up with 128 mastery vs 282 (barring gems). If you’re having bad luck with drops, and can’t seem to get your hands on the tier shoulders, these are a perfectly acceptable substitute. Hell, if you’ve managed to get the 4pt12 aside from shoulders, I would say it’s worth hanging on to until you can pick up a seperate piece to keep that 4p bonus. (If you want to compare, you can glance at all 5 pieces of the t12 set here)



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