19 Jun

So, this week, our guild went ahead and decided that we had had enough of Nefarian.

Oh, did I mention that this was just our 2nd night of attempts…. EVER? Yeah… Last boss of the expansion, and we basically get him down in 5 hours worth of work, and about 1/4 of the wipes we put on Al’akir or Cho’gall (if not less?). Man… We kick *ass*.

Honestly though, idk what it was, but it didn’t seem like he was nearly as hard as some of the other bosses. The thing about Nef… There’s a lot less actually going on, but the things that ARE going on have to be done with absolute precision, otherwise it’s a wipe. Now that can be a  head full of stress on any raider (let alone the raid leader), but sometimes thems the breaks. You really see who’s awful at interrupts. You’ll find out if your off tank will notice the lightning in time to turn. You’ll see if your healers can really deal with every getting ~100k damage every 30 seconds. You’ll figure out who knows how to JUMP ON A GODDAMN PILLAR FROM THE WATER (lol). Mechanically, I think Nef is probably the most unforgiving fight in the tier. But overall, it REALLY isn’t that hard. Or maybe my raiders were just REALLY on fire to get him down before the nerf happens next week…

Oh wait… That’s not happening either. But I didn’t feel like telling my raiders that the patch HAD been pushed back another week, just in case that WAS what was happening. Insert trollface here? Maybe a little bit, but i’ll be goddamned if it didn’t work.

I would type out a tanking strategy for Nef, but honestly there’s not much to tanking this fight other than “PRAY THAT YOUR HEALERS LOVE YOU”. Positioning Ony/Nef on opposite sides of the room isn’t even slightly difficult, and those 5 seconds or so while you’re moving Nef, yeah he hits fast… but it’s not so bad. It seemed like I got some decent avoidance strings during that time period to counteract it every time.

Seriously though, this is a big deal for me, both as a raider, and a raid leader, as well as a big deal for the guild. This is the first time the guild has been around for an entire tier of content, and we cleared the bitch while it was still relevant and not nerfed. Hell, when we formed, ICC was already at it’s 30% buff mark, and Ruby Sanctum isn’t really a “tier of content”… it’s 3 mini-bosses, and one major boss. Don’t get me wrong, I really LIKED the Halion fight, but it hardly counts in that respect, but anyway. It’s hard for me to not develop a bit of an ego over this. Most of my raiders have told me that they’ve never cleared a tier of content before it was nerfed, or before the next tier was released either, so that makes me pretty damn proud.

Anyway, have a killshot. Someone stabbed Nef in the eye with one of our banners… talk about adding insult to injury.

2 Responses to “/fistpump”

  1. indigodragyn June 19, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    Yay, dead boss! \o/

  2. Saga June 20, 2011 at 4:25 am #

    Congratulations! 🙂

    It’s always nice getting to kill all of the bosses before the nerf happens, I get so annoyed if for some reason the guild doesn’t get to it before the nerf. Makes me go grrr

    Our kill shot of Nefarian got kind of messed up. Or rather, completely ruined because one of our guys decided to skin his corpse (ie. making it disappear) before we could make the shot *lol* So we have a kill shot of an empty room /facepalm

    Anyway, congrats again! It must feel great to have it all completed 🙂

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