Firelands’ Bling – DK version

3 Jun

Okay, so ignore the *terrible* post title, it is actually kind of fitting. When I made my DK and bear gear lists over the last few days, I intentionally ignored the relics, necklaces, rings, and trinkets, because I didn’t have enough info. Sadly, it still doesn’t look like there are a *lot* of choices in some of these, but I also realized that there’s more of them at different item levels. I’ll probably just go ahead and include heroic t11 versions as well, for the sake of completion.

Keep in mind, if I list an item that I say is more oriented towards DPS than tanking, then that means you SHOULD let your DPS have it, even if it’s not terribly itemized for you. The differences between them are usually small like socket bonuses, or a silly green stat (haste or crit for DKs, for example). It’s also worth noting that DKs, Pallys, and Warriors no longer get *ANY* sort of benefit from agility on their gear. Not that you should have had much anyways from the first tier, but if there’s any left after 4.2, you may as well have an empty slot now.


Fireheart Necklace – From what I can tell, this will be made for sale after doing some of the new dailies around the Firelands area. It doesn’t seem like it has any rep requirements (so far), so it’ll probably be available rather quickly. That said, it’s still a 365 ilvl, so it’ll be a good upgrade over 359 gear (or, if you’ve had CRAP LUCK like me, a 346 still.. sigh). Anyway, stat-wise, expertise and mastery make this perfectly fine to upgrade from your non-heroic drops.

(Heroic) Rage of Ages – Dropping from Heroic Nef, this is hardly an “easy” piece to come by, but hit and mastery make it a pretty good piece to hold on to if you’ve got one. Sadly, there weren’t a lot of choices as far as necks go in t11 content.

(Heroic) Ironstar Amulet – Probably, technically, BiS for current content, but also completely interchangeable with H-RoA. If you have either of those necklaces, you’re probably set for a while. If you’re lucky enough to have both, then you can probably keep them both and flip-flop them depending on the encounter.

Firebound Gorget – Sadly… this looks like the *only* 378 neck suitable for tanking with. But with expertise being so prevalent on the other tanking gear i’ve seen thus far, you could probably almost leave this for one of the heroic t11, depending on your other gear. Seems like they’re trying to give us a bit more threat stats (hit and expertise) this tier. I can’t complain about that.


Lylagar Horn Ring – One of two 365 rings that we can go after, this one is the better of the two with Parry and Expertise. From what I can gather, it looks like this one is also coming from some sort of vendor accessable through Firelands’ dailies. Notice that, for now, it needs a tooltip change to make it require level 85 instead of 80. That’ll be coming soon.

Nemesis Shell Band – The other 365 tank-flavored ring, it’s still a pretty solid upgrade over the 359s, and probably won’t be difficult to come by either.

(Heroic) Bile-O-Tron Nut – A solid tanky ring, that’s a direct upgrade over the Nemesis Shell Band. Exact same stats and everything. Pretty much a no-brainer to hang on to, if you’re at this point in your raiding.

I’m also pretty sure there’s heroic versions of Conclave’s rings, but there’s so many different combos, that i’m not even gonna try listing them all.

Deflecting Brimstone Band – One of two i378 rings, that are actually pretty definitive upgrades over everything else.

Stalwart Ember Seal – The other i378 tanking ring. No brainer really. These are some of the most clear-cut upgrades in t12 content.

Relics: One thing Blizz it seems like Blizz  rethought a little bit, is only offering one relic for all of t11 level content, bought at the VP vendor. This time around, there are at least 2 we can pick up, but they’re still different item levels, so there still really isn’t much choice.

Relic of Tortolla – An ilvl 365 upgrade to the Relic of Khaz’goroth most of us probably picked up forever ago. I’m not entirely sure if this is what will be sold by the VP vendor in 4.2, or if it’ll come from Firelands dailies (but my guess is the dailies), so sadly… this probably won’t last very long.

Deathclutch Figurine – The only tanking 378 relic, most likely purchased from the valor vendor, will of course be your main choice. Funny thing is, you’ll probably end up waiting to pick this up for at least a few more slots first, because relics offer so little to our overall stats.

Trinkets have become more of an odd slot to gear for with tanks in Cataclysm. Back in Wrath you could just slap something with a bunch of stam in there, and be good, but with t11 content, pure stam stacking has gone pretty south until the very end of heroic content (cho’gall, sinestra, etc), in favor of mitigation. Downside is, some trinkets were situational (Mirror of Broken Images), some were just pretty bad (Bedrock Talisman), and some given REALLY crappy procs or on-use effects (i’m looking at you DMC: Earthquake). That said, I would still keep Mirror of Broken Images in my bags for heavy spell-damage fights.

Bitterer Balebrew Charm – Brewfest trinket. Good for lots of stam, and not much else. Low priority, really. Same goes for Bubblier Balebrew Charm.

Brawler’s Trophy – A better version of the DMC: Earthquake, with a MUCH better on-use ability. This one could definitely be worth picking up while it’s available.

Moonwell Phial – I don’t see the stats from this making it live. As it is right now, 765 stam is more than i391 trinkets (heroic firelands), and the on-use ability is nothing short of AMAZING. (If my VERY rough, brain dead math is correct, 1700 dodge rating equals out to just under 10% dodge, give or take). If it goes live as is, with these stats, it’s going to most likely be one of the best trinkets we can pick up.  I fully expect the stam to get nerfed, but it’ll still be worth picking up.

(Heroic) Symbiotic Worm – The good amount of stam, and the bonus mastery when you need it most make this a trinket that’s worth hanging on to, for and swapping out on occasion.

(Heroic) Vial of Stolen Memories – Probably a bit above the Heroic Symbiotic Worm, because the avoidance gained by this trinket is something you can plan for, instead of just having it proc when you get low on health. Also worth keeping in your bags.

Gift of the Greatfather – A large amount of base mastery make this worth looking at, but the associated proc with this strike me as very underwhelming. They may adjust the absorption upwards later, but 17k isn’t even enough to brush off one melee swing from any boss in t11 content, and the fact that it can only occur once a minute… yeah. Just not sure this is going to be worth it in the grand scheme of things.

Scales of Life – The additional stam is decent and the side effect is… Interesting. I have to give it to Blizz for trying new ideas. I know i’ve said it before, but I like the fact that they’re making the trinkets (and tier set bonuses and such) more interesting than the standard fare. That said, I think this trinket’s extra ability falls short of being worthwhile. A 17k heal is little more than a non-crit weak-heal from your average healer in 346 gear. If they make the absorb/heal scale a bit higher (maybe double that amount?) than it would be a much better trinket, but as it is now… I might bypass it for the time being.

Stay of Execution – I’m not sure if the absorption number on this is correct (up to 171k? wow…)… Actually, looking at the heroic version, i’m positive it’s just a typo, but if it’s supposed to be 17k, like the Scales of Life and Gift of the Greatfather numbers are, then, yet again, it is just underwhelming. If they were to double that amount, this could be a really worthwhile trinket (and would put it at about half of the heroic version’s absorbption as well, which seems reasonable to me). As it is, it’s probably decent to pick up for the big baseline dodge rating, but it could be way better if they tweak those health-related numbers just a bit.


Overall, i’m pretty unimpressed with the trinkets. It almost seems like the 359/372 trinkets are worth hanging on to over the new firelands ones… Except maybe for that dodge trinket from Brewfest,

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