Day 4 – Best WoW Memory

23 May

Man… this is kind of a hard question to answer. A lot of my best memories have come with raiding. The first time my guild SiB killed Arthas is definitely in the top 3, I think. More recently, the first time we killed Cho’gall is another top memory. The first raid I ever did (Karazhan) with my first guild (the now defunct Kings of Azeroth on Ner’zhul – Alliance), etc. Man… it’s really hard to say.

I think I have to go with the thing that got me back into raiding. Y’see, I initially raided on my mage in BC, and early wrath. I did some naxx with my first guild, then moved to another guild (Calamitous Intent) after a failed merger kind of shattered KoA. In CI we raided Naxx for a bit more, then continued on to Ulduar, ending up going something like 8 bosses down by the time ToC came out… but by that time I was ridiculously burned out on raiding. I don’t know what it was… I don’t want to call any of them out, but our raid was rather… disorganized. Our raid leader was kinda apathetic about things, most of the raiders were severely underperforming, and it was just frustrating to go in and wipe on bosses that we had killed week after week after week. So… I had had enough. I rolled another toon on Wyrmrest Accord, to dip my feet into RPing. RP was kinda fun, but it wasn’t something to keep me playing the game. One day I rolled a hunter, and *man* I had fun levelling him. I was level 80 before I knew it, and then next thing I knew… I was running heroics on him and getting his entire t9 set in a matter of around a week. Then I saw it one day in trade chat. “LF DPS for ICC 10″… I couldn’t resist, in I went. The guy who ran that raid was *really* cool, and even though half of us had never set foot in there, we went 6 bosses (at the… 10% buff?) down without too much trouble.

I was bitten… I had the raid bug again. ICC was such a great atmosphere, and it was so much fun that I decided to go around searching for a raiding guild. It was around this point in time that I had found a tiny bit of the wow blogging community, and twitter community, and so I put myself out there and well… the rest of my story is pretty much on here!


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