Day 3 – First Day Playing WoW

16 May

My first day playing WoW was… interesting, to say the least. I was running this absolutely HORRIFYING rig that was probably 5 years old (back in 08, when I started playing). I installed the trial version of vanilla wow, and booted it up. I think the very first toon I rolled was a night elf druid, but I don’t really remember why. I poked around Teldrassil for about 30 minutes, then decided to try horde out. I rolled a tauren… something, hell I don’t even remember. I didn’t stick with the tauren for very long cause I felt like they moved slow as hell. I decided to go back to alliance, and gave a dwarf pally a shot. This wasn’t half bad. I actually made it to somewhere around level 10 before I got utterly bored with it because it was just auto-attack till the end of time. Then I rolled a human mage. Now *THIS* was fun. Also, this was the first time I met murlocs (in Elwynn), and god if I didn’t want to just turn them all into chum after they swarmed me a few times. But man was that mage fun. I think I made it to ~level 15 with him before deleting that toon.’

I had some friends from RL that were on another server, and they finally got a hold of me and gave me the server info, Ner’zhul (PvP), Alliance side. So I loaded up over there, and installed the BC content (I think I had already decided I was going to pay for the game when I started playing the pally). Now then, what to play, what to play… Well the mage was really fun, but the human starting area sucks. Too many murlocs. /ponder ponder.. Oohhhh, lets try out Draenei.. And thus, Achloryn was born.

By the way, male draenei and tauren STILL feel like they move slow as hell. I know they move the same speed as everything else, but dammit if it doesn’t feel like molasses. This was easily remedied when I learned the spell “Blink” and just started firing it every time I had to run more than 20 yards.


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