>Rage Against the Fuzzy Machine

8 Dec


I’m mad as hell.
Because druid tanks are fucking BROKEN right now.
Let me give you a little clue.
I’ve done… I levelled my bear to 82. I refused to tank anything with him until 81 because of the nerf to swipe’s damage, thinking that Thrash would at least put all right with the world. Dinged 81, got a guild group together to do the first couple dungeons I could find… Throne of the Tides and Blackrock Caverns.
First off.. holy shit these dungeons are AMAZING. Secondly… THRASH IS ALMOST AS FUCKING USELESS AS SWIPE RIGHT NOW.
It hits each target for around 600, and ticks for another ~500 every couple seconds for 6 seconds.
(Okay Chris… breathe… breathe………)
Sorry for the disjointed paragraph structure, but I feel the need to emphasize my points more. While my survivability wasn’t hit, nor was my threat output on boss mobs, my ability to control TRASH mobs is borderline non-existant. Give you a hint? I’m losing mobs to HEALER AGGRO..
That’s right folks. My fellow officer, and AMAZING disc priest buddy is pulling aggro off of my fuzzy broken bear ass.
I’m extremely saddened and angry about this. I am legitimately SO mad that i’m transferring a level 80 pally over to level instead of my druid until they can fix goddamn druid tanks. I feel THAT ineffectual right now on trash packs. That’s only half the problem. The other half? I genuinely LOVE my druid. He’s the closest i’ve felt to a REAL main since my mage was retired in after Ulduar. I also LOVE tanking. I should NOT have to roll another class JUST to be able to tank 5-mans properly. That shit was supposed to have been put to bed sometime in Burning Crusade.
And another part of me is REALLY pissed that I paid $25 to race change my druid to a worgen, JUST to have him become a borderline-unusable tank.
On an up-note, Cataclysm is fucking AMAZING, and if it weren’t for broken druids, I think I would be popping the question any day now.
Dear Blizzard:
Fix bears… Druids, in general, are a very fiercely loyal breed to their class, and I hate feeling like I can’t do what the fuck I want to do because you made us WAY too powerful for a few weeks, and then overcorrected. I know you’ll probably fix it in the future as more and more people continue bitching, but it’s really quite painful to tank right now.
No love,
Broken-hearted bear fan.

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