>Chronicles of an expansion

13 Nov

Welp… It’s official..I’ve officially killed every boss Wrath of the Lich King has to offer… Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m not 12/12 25m Heroic ICC or anything like that… but every boss fight i’ve thrown myself at has, eventually, fallen before my sword/spell/face/claws. Maybe a little backstory is necessary.

At the beginning of Wrath, I was a mage… The big draenei guy you see as my avatar for blogspot? Yeah that’s him… still in his ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS T8 tunic… Hey Blizz? Clothies are for robes, not tunics. Fuck off with that leg-showing cloth shit, mmkay? Anyway…
I raided in BC as a mage, and that was how I started Wrath… Clusterfucking my way through Naxx with pugs and the occasional guild run (we weren’t a raiding guild, btw)… I succumbed to the bug and left my casual/social guild shortly after Ulduar was released, and joined a burgeoning raiding guild. These guys were… struggling to say the least. (I won’t name any guild names, or even server names, lest they somehow manage to stumble upon this blog and think i’m speaking ill of them.)… The guild was moderately well managed by the officers. The GM wasn’t a raider, which I thought was odd, but whatever right? But in Ulduar we just… couldn’t manage to get it together really. We made…………. a little progress. Only killing (oh god lemme count… ) 8 bosses out of 13 or 14 if you count Algalon. We only ever downed 1 keeper as a guild, Hodir. We threw ourselves at Freya and Thorim a few times with nothing even resembling success, and we weren’t even dumb enough to look towards Mimiron’s room… and of course not having been able to kill all of the keepers, we couldn’t even attempt Vezax or Yogg, even if we wanted to.
The frustration of going 8 bosses in (in a 4 hour raid duration, mind you) and then going brain dead and barely even giving half-hearted attempts at anything else REALLY got to me, and shortly after ToC was released I retired myself from raiding and rolled a brand new toon on Wyrmrest Accord… an RP server. Why an RP server? Cause I knew someone IRL who was on that server, and WoW lore had *always* fascinated me, especially since I used to play the ORIGINAL Warcraft game wayyyyyyyyyyy back in the day… but I digress.
I spent about a year on Wyrmrest Accord… made friends, RP’ed, dungeoned a bit, leveled a SHIT TON of new alts, and just had a general relaxing time… ToC came and went with little more than a notice from me, and then Icecrown Citadel was patched in… and there was a little tickle in the back of my head. Along with this little tickle came with a toon I had had more fun on than i’d had in who-knows how long…

My hunter… God looking at my UI back then makes me *cringe*. Anyway… I’ve kinda taken to a lot of toons in my WoW career, but I absolutely fell in LOVE with the hunter.. From levelling him to dungeoning with him. So much so that I ground heroics like I had never done before, and soon had him a full t9 set of gear, and found myself going back to wowhead and find out how to properly spec… learn my rotation, etc etc.

I loved my hunter so much that I did something I hadn’t done in over a year.

Trade Chat:“Starting a brand new ICC10 group. Looking for DPS. PST class/spec/experience”

Me: “Marksman hunter… No ICC experience, but i’ve read up on several of the fights, and I know my rotation well… no idiot, I know how to raid.”
Yep… I pugged into an ICC 10… and holy fuck was it fun. After about 3 hours of raiding, I found myself with a 6-boss kill experience, and that little tickle in the back of my head had suddenly turned into a full fledged roaring desire to return back to raiding. I also had a standing invite from the raid leader to join their guild and raid with them… something I was very hesitant to do because I really liked my tiny little RP guild… but the thirst just would not be denied. I talked to my GM and asked around, listened to a few podcasts, and finally transferred my hunter over to Shadowsong-US… a very large guild called “The Illuminati Order”, associated with the “Warcraft Outsiders” podcast. I really dived in headfirst into raiding with this guild. In fact, my first week in the guild I got to see 10 “Fall of the Lich King (10 player)” achievements spammed. This guild had gotten their first LK kill, and I joined them just in time to see it… and no I wasn’t involved LOL.
Along with my hunter, I transferred one other toon to Shadowsong. A baby little fuzzball of a druid named Vaerron.

Man, that’s still one of my all time favorite screenshots… ANYWAY. I levelled Vaerron up to be a tank. I became quickly enthralled with it from the first time I successfully tanked a dungeon (Gundrak) at level 78 with the full Eviscerator’s leatherworking crafted set… but I ran into one problem. “Illuminati Order” was an *immense* guild compared to what I was used to (6-700 toons), and they really had no need for raiding tanks. Well, by this point in time I had already started blogging and started networking over twitter, so I put out a call for a relatively casual/progression-ish guild who was willing to recruit an untested tank.
Thus, in July of 2010, I met Amber and Orithea of Brotherhood of Oblivion, on Azgalor… Well, I have already been exceedingly verbose in this post, so I’ll try to cut it short here, but I found my new home on Azgalor… Brotherhood of Oblivion splintered a week after my joining, and Stands In Bad was formed. The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve transferred my original mage to Azgalor, as well as my hunter, and started a few other toons as well. I’ve earned myself a couple kingslayer titles, helped several others earn theirs, became an officer, became a raid leader, and managed to not kill anyone in the process… go figure eh?
Sorry if I have glazed over the last few months of history, but a lot of what has happened since my leaving Illuminati Order has been chronicled on this blog, so I don’t feel like repeating myself too much. A lot of people have had bad things to say about this expansion, but I think they’re absolutely out of their mind. Were there bad parts? Sure… I couldn’t imagine going into ToC as top-end content every week, although I do secretly enjoy the raid to a point. I’ve gone back and finished the bosses i’d never killed in Ulduar, and even done all of their hard modes, all the way up to 7/12 in ICC10 HM. That’s pretty impressive, in my opinion, for someone who had “retired from raiding” at one point in time.
Thus Wrath of the Lich King comes to an end. I’m ready for it to end, but I can look back over the last 24 months rather fondly. Friendships made and ended. Raids killed me, and fell before me. Frustrations were had, money was spent on server transfers, disillusionment was emerged from, and all-in-all… I don’t think I would change one bit of it.

5 Responses to “>Chronicles of an expansion”

  1. Mr Stoneskin November 14, 2010 at 4:58 am #

    >This was like the story of your life… Crazy long bro 😀

  2. Saga November 15, 2010 at 10:27 am #

    >Wrath has definitely seen its ups and downs – I suspect for a lot of people. I'm glad to read that you're feeling settled and ready for the new expansion though.I'm not entirely happy with what's happened with my guild this expansion – but having been with them for 3 years I just don't see myself leaving unless they say they're disbanding. Hopefully we can get back on track as Cataclysm comes around.I still have a few things I wouldn't mind doing before the expansion hits – but at the same time I can do them later (just some mounts etc. really) so bring the expansion. I need something new to do :)Just hope I get internet back before December 7! I'll be a very sad panda if Cataclysm hits and I have no internet access.

  3. Tam November 17, 2010 at 1:00 pm #

    >It must be a good feeling to be at the end of an expansion and looking back with pride. I'm looking back in a sort of dismay going "but there's so much I still want to do! Waaaah!" But, yes, congratulations 🙂

  4. Achloryn November 17, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

    >@Mr Stoneskin – hahaha. Yeah well, Wrath has been most of my in-game life anyway. I only came in at the very end of BC.@Saga – I get the feeling that the end of an expansion is always tough on guilds… Wrath seems like it's probably worse because ICC's been out for a goddamn year already and eveyrone's just over it by now. Hope your move went alright!@Tam – I *can* look back at the expansion with pride because seriously.. more than half the shit i've done I never would've expected to have done. I wasn't ever expecting to get an Algalon kill, or to get a Kingslayer (let alone two) or anything like that. I never expected to find such a kickass guild that I feel so relaxed around. Are there other things I want to do? Sure, but I can still honestly say I am satisfied with what i've accomplished


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    […] seen I have another post in mind coming over the next few weeks, to wrap-up the expansion, much like I did at the end of Wrath. I also have some thoughts to work out in my own head about some of the new PvP announcements made […]

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